(by 筑梦NARUTO)
Bubalus_GH_1.008 is coming!
The new plug-in adds  components about Bake Block,And repaired some bug.
Plug partners: Hsiao
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Work to the late rendering section. Large area of tree is a headache thing, with Bubalus_GH_1.008 can make a large number of short time trees, people.

Use Bubalus_GH_1.0 08 to achieve:
1. Single object distribution (group)
2. Multiple object distribution (group)
3. Find the anchor of the original object
4. Clean up objects in Rhino
5.Populate two curve region with points
6. According to the ratio random partition a list into

7.Represents a list of 3D text tags in a Rhino viewport,This 3D text tags always oriented to the camera

8:Find the working plane of the current camera

9:Rhino objects follow the camera rotation

10:Create a random integer list

11:bake block

Bubalus_GH_1.0 08not only distributes V-ray mesh objects, but also all geometric objects.

To install:

1:In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Save the gha and .dll files there.

2:Right-click the file > Properties > make sure there is no "blocked" text

3. Reboot rhinoceros and grasshoppers.