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《小蜜蜂》 是一款基于 "Rhino" "Grasshopper"背景下,可在多语言平台使用的算法插件,致力于解决建筑设计中常见的算法技术,常用功能,表皮方案等相关难题。
其中包含了,相切圆打包(Circle Packing)、八皇后算法 (Eight Queen)、元胞自动机算法(Cellular Automata)、ISO表面(ISO surface)等算法。

推荐安装环境的是Windows 7 或 Windows 8、DirectX 9.0C、.NET Framework 3.5 以上,不建议其他操作系统环境。


Bee is a plug-in for Grasshopper specializing currently popular algorithmic and parametric architectural design and 

is also supported well by multi-language system. 

It is comprised of 4 parts based on different functions:
Algorithm Tools: components for exploring algorithmic and parametric geometry such as circle-packing, eight-

queens, cellular automata and so on.
Kangaroo Tools: components based on Kangaroo (Live Physics Engine)  
Little Tools: convenient components for normal functions  
Surface Tools: components for generating variable surface/skin system 

Recommended operating system: Windows 7 or Windows 8, DirectX 9.0C, .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.