ApLabs Paneling
Improve conceptual design process by getting rationalized q-meshes and panels on free-form surfaces in seconds
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ApLabs paneling allows you to obtain a rationalized mesh that maximizes planar panels in any given freeform surface.

Coarse mesh: Editing complex meshes is a difficult task. With this in mind, ApLabs Paneling gives you the ability to get the coarse mesh corresponding to any given surface. This is easier to edit. Later the coarse mesh can be subdivided to obtain the final mesh.

Placing panels: Once you have a rationalized mesh, you need to fit panels on it. ApLabs Paneling offers a panel adjustment tool that allows you to place flat, cylindrical, spherical and toroidal panels in each cell of the mesh. The system chooses the best type of panel for each cell. You can specify the allowed panel types, tolerance, and characteristics of panels.

Further releases will improve paneling and rationalization engines

We will greatly appreciate your feedback to develop new features.