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This website is beta and we want to add new features to it. We need you to tell us what you need most.

Both if you are a plug-in developer or as a user.

Please feel free to comment on this page any ideas and suggestions of buildable (and even imaginary!) features you would like to have. The development team is here to listen to you.


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Download by link to form

We have a free product and plugin for Rhino but like the Rhino 4.0 evaluation version we ask that user provide some very basic information to receive the free plugin. Would it be possible to allow users of the site to be directed to a download form?

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Download by link to form

Hi Turlif
we understand this but the answer is no.
We think that this makes some sense, but it would end up making it much more difficult for people to try your and other products. You can download the evaluation version of Rhino 4 without filling the form -- that step is not compulsory.
There are however still two choices, because we would like to welcome all projects on Food4Rhino: (1) make the release private, so that people who want to get your download will join your group. You can keep in contact with them through the 'broadcast' functionality. Or (2) add a very short welcome screen at the first loading of your plug-in.
Thanks, Giulio

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String to Numbers

Thank you for this plug-in. Immensly usefull.

What if from the read text component
the string could be converted to a number (if it is a number)?
Because now it can t be assigned as a value.

Imagine I have a collection of text showing elevation on a landscape and want to automaticaly reade them, create the points and move the points to their Z value to create a landscape surface.

thank you and keep up the great effort!

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Did you want to comment this

Did you want to comment this on a specific project? Which one?

- Giulio

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3d models warehouse

What about a free or/and paid 3d models warehouse?? There are not to many webs with Rhino-Libraries...

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File Source

Currently we need to upload the files. Can we have an alternative URL ? as well ?

Hi SivamKrish, This

Hi SivamKrish,

This alternative is currently available. If you create a release http://www.food4rhino.com/node/add/project-release at the end of the form just before adding the file you have a dropdown menu (File Download Type:) wich has 2 options, one is file upload and the other option is external link. If you choose external link the next field will change from upload to a text field where you can enter the full path of your external file.


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Thanks James

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Its difficult to manage multiple releases. Wonder if it would make sense to just display only the latest release ?

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Re: Releases

Dear Sivam,
yes, you as a publisher have the choice to do this.
Please feel free to keep only the latest version if that makes sense. Sometimes, however, people tend to need more options: at least the latest "more beta" version and the previous more stable version.
- Giulio

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I understand.

tx for the clarification.


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Spam spam spam

Is there a way to block spam bots ? Is there a way to delete spam comments by the project administrators ? Cheers, Florin
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Re: Spam

Hi Florin, thanks this is a classic in all public forums. Here, admins of the website can remove and block spam bots, and we already have pre-approval in place. Occasionally, though, malicious users register manually. We will review a comment flagging system, but I anyway look at all comments. In any case, we removed the ad and banned the user. Thanks, - Giulio
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Thanks Giulio ! :-)
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Hi Giulio, it seems the issue is persistent. Did other users experience this too ? Cheers, Florin
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Dear Florin, it seems there has been a surge of spam attempts lately on many of McNeel's platforms. On food4Rhino effective immediatly there are two measures in place, hopefully they will help reduce the number of spam messages posted here. On the "cure" side, we added a "flag" button, so that when a certain amount of users reports a comment, the comment is unpublished with no further question. Other measures are in place after a single user reports and admins car re-instate good comments forever. On the "prevent" side, now all messages are moderated by a public API called mollom http://mollom.com/ . If the automatic filter is unsecure about some content(hopefully it's not too unsecure) it will also ask for a CAPTCHA before publishing. We hope this will not be always necessary. We will keep investigating all means to fight spam. I hope this answers your question, at least partially. - Giulio
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Thanks Giulio ! It is comforting to know we'll have more protection. If spam could be recycled into something good, that would be awesome :-)) Cheers, Florin

"Scripters for Hire" page

Hi Guys. Shapeways (rapid prototyping models) has a great section "Modelers for Hire" and I know a number of people do quite well by being listed here. It is also a very convenient was to seamlessly get paid professional contract work done. http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=98& I'm wondering if at some point a similar page could be good to connect up scripters (and possibly modelers) with those that have the need for this. I know I sometimes have this need and this would be a resource I would use rather frequently. Thanks. BTW the site is fantastic.
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Re: Scripters for Hire

This is a meaningful request. It could be a page with posts allowed on it. Thanks. We'll look at this after the summer break.

RE: Wish List

hmm my wishlist is a new laptop :p Display Boards
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Download Count?

What happened to the download count?
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Momentarily hidden

Hi Luis, we had to temporarily disable the download count while improving the reliability and adding the external link feature. Only the display is hidden - this means the count is still increasing at each local download and we will show it again hopefully very soon. - Giulio
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Links instead of uploading files for creating releases.

Hi there, any updates on making download links as a possible alternative to file uploads ? Cheers, Florin

Hi Florin, We have just

Hi Florin, We have just added this new feature, when you create a project release you'll see a dropdown called "File Download Type:" here you can choose File Upload or External link. Remember it must be a direct link to the file. If you have any feedback about this feature you can write it here or send us an email at food4rhino@mcneel.com Regards, James
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download link

Thanks James, download link works a bit better for us instead of file upload.

Hi Florin, Glad this

Hi Florin, Glad this solution works better for you. We are still tweaking it up a bit. So if you find any issues or have any feedback on this functionality let us know
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Bug Version Display

I just updated to version but it is displaying as Thanks, Don
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Hi Don, this is fixed now. You should be able to upload a new file in this release, and we will not perform renaming any longer. This was also a feature request by other users. Thanks, - Giulio
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It is still reporting the

It is still reporting the wrong version under the download link. I updated it to and it reports
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Thank you for checking

Thank you for checking carefully, that one was the last place where it was displaying reversed. Your help is appreciated. - Giulio

Render Modes

Might be nice to see if it is OK to add a space for render modes (.i.e. advanced setting ini's). If there is going to be a continuing ability to export these they are certainly something that would help a lot of people "up their game". The site is really fantastic BTW. Cheers, Jon
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Considering adding this category

Sorry for taking some time to answer. We like this idea, but there are currently already a couple of features on which we are already working and therefore have priority. Do you already have some samples to share, and if so, could you send an example to me (giulio@mcneel.com)? Thanks, - Giulio
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Bug Reporting

Hello food4Rhino! It would be helpful to add a bug report feature as part of each release or project. Thanks Luis

Hi Luis, We are currently

Hi Luis, We are currently working on a lot of new features and bug fixes for the sites. One of the features we have in mind is a forum or bug report sistem, we are leaning more towards the forum functionality. We'll keep you updates, Regards James
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Release Notes

Currently in release notes hyperlinks don't work. Paragraph formatting is not carrying over from the "My Releases" page where it is created to the description page where the user would read it before downloading. Thanks, Don
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Re: Release Notes

Release notes is meant to contain a short explanatory plain text. We do not support hyperlinks because of that. Is there a reason why you need a link there rather than in the project description? Thanks.
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Sorry, I never saw this

Sorry, I never saw this reply. I don't really need a link there it was just an option that didn't work, I assumed it was broken. I was attempting to put a link to the change log so a complete history of changes was available.

Hosting our own downloads

We're looking at adding our plugin to food4rhino. One thing that would make it easier for us to use is the ability to provide a link instead of a file for downloads. Right now our download is over the 20 MB limit.

But more importantly, it's important for us to be able to get some information about the people who download the trial, so we can follow up with them, invite them to a new users webinar, etc. to help them be successful with the plugin. I think it'd be fine to send emails through food4rhino and also let users opt out of such emails if they don't want to be annoyed.

Hi Tom, We starting to work

Hi Tom,

We starting to work on the external download link, right now. There's some things we would like to sort out before applying this functionality, but it's at the top of our list. As soon as we have it fully functional we'll let you know.


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Hi Tom,
thank you for your comments. We recently added "groups" to each project. You can now make releases private in your group, and while remaining the founder and admin of the project, you can decide if only people in your group can get access to releases. To do so, just set the release to private when you add it or edit it.
About the technical aspect of links rather than uploads, I hope James can tell something more. We are trying to make it simple to have all files listed here, so in general having direct links is something we would be glad to support.
- Giulio

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Small tune-ups


It would be great to be able to sort plugins by: date added, name, rating, #of downloads, price ( this would need to be introduced into the project/release required field ), etc.

Also, being able to upload more than 1 video could be useful.

In general - great idea, I hope the site will develop quickly!



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Re: small tune-ups

Hi Jarek,
we are currently working on the previous feature requests on this page, and we have groups working and hope to be able to give public counters soon. After this, we will be looking into plug-in listing sorting. Video is a bit another story: if you have many videos, they have probably also training purposes. We are happy to give the possibility to add more video coverage, but maybe it would make more sense within a broader "support material" section?
- Giulio

A place to share/dump scripts


Most of my custom 'rhino food' involves scripts (rhinoscript)
I'd love to share them yet some/most scripts are far from stable in that they lack proper error catching and UI.

What are your thoughts on sharing scripts like that? could/should there be a special section for scripts?

How about plugins posted here? Are they tested or all to be used at our own risk?


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Thanks Willem

Hi Willem,
thank you for your comment. We did not forget about it.
I've started answering some of these questions here: http://news2.mcneel.com/scripts/dnewsweb.exe?cmd=article&group=rhino&ite... and here: http://news2.mcneel.com/scripts/dnewsweb.exe?cmd=article&group=rhino&ite... . We are happy about you sharing scripts, but please keep in mind that some people who will use them might not be familiar with scripting, so they might find it frustrating if they encounter recurring anomalies.
At the moment, we are checking all plug-ins after they have been submitted. We plan on having a lightweight approval process that will help solve the most common problems.
Finally, you can feel free to define the the license scheme you prefer, as you or your developers are the only owners of the code.
- Giulio

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group-management, private user area, download-counter

Dear team of Food4Rhino,
we really appreciate this community and the intention to give other users of rhino and grasshopper the possibility to see all tools on one database to keep being updated on all the great developments.
As we can say, for us it would be a great addition if there would be a possibility to add group-management to the projects where the members have to login with their account so that 3rd-party developers can have an overview of users and also to get in contact with them and send emails about new releases and other stuff.
Also a download-counter for the plugins is important for developer to see the relevance of the tools and to see it as a feedback to keep being motivated to develop it further on.
Is there also a way to add additional admins to the login (as in our case or other project teams,...we have this possibility also in google group or blogspot) to have one global profile to add comments or releases?
Hope this are ideas which could be integrated and thanks for your effort on this
[uto] www.utos.blogspot.com

Hi Uto, First of all thank

Hi Uto,

First of all thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on a way to make projects act as groups or have some group functionality but it still has some "bugs" we want to sort out before giving you guys the ability to try it out, this implementation would also take care of the additional admins. As for the download counter its a good idea, we'll have a look at that option as well.

operative knowledge base

actively promoting culture of linking individual work with the tools used and back can provide instant feedback to authors, other users and spectators at the same time blurring these categories.
in this way food4Rhino could become more than repository of plugins.
our initiative: http://oaod.wordpress.com/

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linking with applications

Thank you, we like very much the idea of linking projects to their applications and we appreciate you taking time to let us know. We were already considering a way for final users to provide feedback to developers, and publicly show practical applications. Your intervention encourages us.

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