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Rhino Open Projects is a collection of tools for Rhino V developed for research projects by the Laboratory of Design Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering (Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Padova). These projects cover a variety of topics such as biomedical (including dental), veterinary sciences, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, cultural heritage, the geometric products specification, the naval field, ophthalmic optics and others.

The Rhino Open Projects tools are available to users in order to allow their use and improvement for academic and commercial purposes. Currently there are 3 projects available:

- AdvMesh which allows mesh operations such as curvature analysis based on fitting methods, add noise to a mesh, fit a quadratic function on a set of points, simple mesh editing tools that allow to add and remove vertices and faces,

- AdvSurf to estimate the lines of curvature of a surface,

- LensDesign developed for progressive addition lens design, analysis and data exchange for manufacturing process.

Rhino Open Projects requires no installation:

- simply download, unzip the file RhinoOpenSourceCode.zip and put it in the folder C:\

- from the folder C:\RhinoOpenSourceCode drag and drop the toolbars in Rhino.

More information about the use of tools is available at the web site Rhino Open Projects. If you use these tools in your research project please cite the authors and the relevant papers. These projects have been tested, but it is the first release and it might still contain bugs.

Soon other tools for meshes will be available aimed at determining the main system of inertia, the alignment of two similar meshes, the identification of a plane of symmetry and analysis of deviation between mesh.

Support Email: 4FQ.RGS4I@FG1SA.FRFSD3SGI@
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Includes: AdvMesh, AdvSrf, LensDesign. Rhino Open Projects - June 2013  
Version: 0.1
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Can be used in Rhino 4.0?

gianpaolo.savio's picture

The plugin is developed in Python using PythonScript and RhinoCommon. So I think that it does not work in Rhino 4.

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