RoboFold presents the KingKong facade design plugin for Grasshopper.


Design: Fold panels using curved folding and control panel distribution on surfaces with a range of attractor systems. Join the Grasshopper group:  www.grasshopper3d/group/kingkong

Manufacture: The results of design using the KingKong facade tool are produced by RoboFold. The data generated will drive our robotics software, enabling manufacture using the RoboFold technology. 

Installation: When you need it, we generate the necessary detailing and layout data for mounting to a wall, wooden panelling system or subframe.

Engineering: You are responsible for the engineering.


What shapes can I fold in KingKong?

The easiest way to check this is to test your ideas using paper or card. Scan in you fold pattern to get the curved fold lines and edge lines, and let KingKong fold it.


What shapes can RoboFold manufacture?

Most shapes you can fold in paper by hand, we can fold in metal with robots. If you want to build a facade, or anything else, feel free to contact us and we can determine whether the fold type is feasible. Join one of our workshops to learn through making your own facade designs.


Planned features:

Rotation controlled by flow-line attractor.

Clash detection.


More info:

The technology:

Workshop dates:

Design techniques with curved folding:

The Grasshopper group and forum: 
- Please give us your feedback so we can make this a better product.


To install:

  • Download the latest zip file from below: This contains the installer and example files.
  • Pre-requisites: KingKong makes use of components from the Kangaroo Physics plugin by Daniel Piker. Please download and install this before you open the example files:

Thanks to everyone who has worked with us over the years to develop the RoboFold software and system, and to all the workshop attendees who have pushed the boundaries. 

Greg, Florent and the RoboFold team.

Support Email: 4FQ.PRFOF2FL@FO3G@
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First release.  
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KingKong V1.1
Updated with the last Kangaroo plugin (0.096) Fix bugs  
Version: 1.1
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are there any tutorials available anywhere ? Thank you



No manual downloaded.  Is a manual available? 

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