RhinoRing is a Rhino plug-in that supports Jewelers and Jewelry designers in their day-to-day work. It improves the workflow with custom windows and menus.

Students and faculties are encouraged to use our software for free - this requires an educational Rhino license and is activated online the first time the software runs.


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32 and 64 bit version  
Version: V1.9
Language: English


He intentado cargar ring rhino en una version rhinoceros 5.0 Evaluation ( 90 days remaining) y no funciona. Sale un mensaje que dice :

No se puede cargar el plug-in Cadwax.rhp.

Este plug-in proviene de otro equipo y està bloqueado para proteger este equipo.

Podeis ayudarme?

I tried to load rhino rhinoceros ring in version 5.0 Evaluation (90 days remaining) and does not work. Get a message that says:

Unable to load the plug-in Cadwax.rhp.

This plug-in from another computer and is locked to protect the equipment.

Can you help?


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I just redownload it, seems to work fine now.


When I run RhinoRing.exe, it just takes me to the webpage that says "New  service release available to download - V" when i download the new file does the same thing. The only effect to running the file is that it brings up the webpage. What am I missing?

The installer checks online to see if a newer version is available. 

It looks like your download coincided with our latest update to V1.8.2.1.

Download again and email me if the problem persists.


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it seems the installation files are not fitting with win10 security charts, I'm having a warning message "installation files are corrupted", is there a way to fix this?


On the warning message click "More info"  then click "Run Anyway".


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yes I tried, then pop the following message " the setup files are corrupted. please obtain a new copy of the program". I know it doesn't help much but that's what I get for now. 

This sounds like an incomplete download - you could try a download manager - which will monitor the process.


Hi I am an architecture student and intersted in jewelry design, how can i get an educational license?

Our plugin will auto-register your license over the internet the first time it runs - as long as you have a Rhino educational license.


Ok. But is it free for owners of edu license and fully operational like rhino i mean for commercial puproses or only for learing ?

This is a fully functional version for students running an eductaional license of Rhino3d.


Is there not trial for this plugin?  I just downloaded it and it says it has expired. hmm.

If you can email me your RhinoRing Machine ID I will try and resolve this for you.

GoTo: RhinoRing Menu > Help > Machine ID 


V Thanks

for thís pluggins

This page details how to install the latest build: 



Do I download all previous versions or just the newest one?

You are very welcome, let me know the other wizards you would like to see implemented.

Thanks for thís pluggins

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