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The RhinoPolyhedra plug-in for Rhinoceros 5 for Windows will allow you to create and visualize a variety of polyhedral shapes; over 450 different shapes.

RhinoPolyhedra supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Rhinoceros 5 for Windows.

RhinoPolyhedra requires Rhinoceros 5 Service Release 9 (SR9) or newer.

RhinoPolyhedra does NOT work with Rhinoceros for Mac.

The RhinoPolyhedra plug-in has three commands:

  • Polyhedron. Creates a variety of polyhedra.
  • PolarZonohedron. Creates a polar zonohedron.
  • SelPlanarSrf. Selects planar surfaces.

RhinoPolyhedra is free!


  • Download the plug-in.
  • Download is in Rhino Installer file (.RHI) form.
  • Double-click in the file to launch the Rhino Installer and install the plug-in.

Support Email: 4FQ.RYY3Q4@YRSP@
Plug-in rating:
Average: 4.6 (28 votes)
Title Release Notes
Version 1.0.15125.560
Adds 15 additional geodesic cube shapes, and 30 new geodesic rhombic triacontahedra shapes. Requires Rhinoceros 5 Service Release 9 (SR9) or newer.  
Version: 1.0.15125.560
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
Homepage: Rhinoceros


I use this plug-in all the time, thank you.


However, the preview of the geometry stopped showing. Running Rhino 5 on Windows 10. I deleted the .rhp in my plug-ins folder and reinstalled the latest version, did not help.


First of all, great job!!

I was searching for a classic icosahedron with 20 Sides. But the group "geodesic icosahedron" start with 32 Sides. Did i miss something?

Dale Fugier's picture

Hi John, you are correct. A standard Icosahedron has 20 sides. You can find it in the Platonic Solids group. A Geodesic Icosahedron is derived from an Icosahedron by subdividing each face into smaller faces. Thus you end up with polyhedra with many faces.


If I am using for example DUAL GEODESIC ICOSAHEDRON PATTERN 1, the unjoinedge and then unrolling is not working...any hint?

thank you for the great plug in!


Dale Fugier's picture

Hi Josef, I don't think I can help. You might want to post this question on our Discourse discussion forum so that some of the experts can chime in.

ah ok...thx for answering though :)



amazing . thx 

thank you

Hi, guys. Does anyone know the meaning of Dual Geodesic Icosahedron Pattern 6 and Geodesic Icosahedron Pattern 6? What is the criteria to assign these patterns different numbers?

lvvp's picture

Very cool stuff, thank you very much

Vlad, Toronto, Canada

Can you make this plugin for GH?

Dale Fugier's picture

If I do end up supporting Grasshopper, it won't be until V6 (most likely) as there would be a lot of work to do. Thanks!

jonathanscelsa's picture

This plugin is extremely simple and well organized. Fantastic work.

Dale Fugier's picture

Glad you like it! :-)

toolted's picture

Why are there two release versions of the same date?  Do we need both?

Dale Fugier's picture

The two dates are just a limitation of this site. All you need is the most current version, which is 1.0.15125.560.

Any version of Polyhedra which supports SR8?

Dale Fugier's picture

Sorry no. Is there a reason you cannot update to the latest service release of Rhino 5 (which is now SR11)?

web_wallace's picture

On my PC i get to see a preview screen of the polyhedron before selecting, on my laptop after installing the latest version I cannot. Is this a setting somewhere ? 



Dale Fugier's picture

Run Rhino and pick Tools -> Options -> Plug-ins. Find RhinoPolyhedra in the list, double-click on it, and notice the file path. Now, close Rhino. And using Explorer, navigate to the file path and then delete the .RHP file. Now, reinstall the latest version. Does this help?

feklee's picture

Used the plugin to place a dodecahedron into Baden-Baden:

Great fun!

I'll save a lot of time thanks to you.

Dale Fugier's picture

Are you running Rhino 5 SR9 (2014-6-9)? How did you install RhinoPolyhedra?

Yes running latest ver & 64bit  installed as per instructions

Dale Fugier's picture

I'm going to need more information. Please contact me directly at - thanks!

I get an this message  "error loading Rhino polyhedra"

I am running on 64bit with the latest  ver 5.

can you help


A great tool. Thank you.

It would be fantastic if there were radial buttons or similar near the "Polyhedra Type" on the dialog box that would allow the polyhedra to be sorted by number of faces and number of vertices.

It would also be great to know the number of edges and to sort by these too.

OR, if the face, vertex and edge report was listed in a table like a spreadsheet in subsequent columns to polyhera row headings, perhaps users could interface with the lists by clicking on the column headings to achieve the desired sort.

Many thanks

Tim Elliot

i'm running 32 bit, version 5, up to date with SP 9, and this does not install for me. gives me the error "system IO.IO exception". any thoughts?


Dale Fugier's picture

Can you send me a screen shot of the error. Feel free to email me directly - thanks.

I install the plugin but I can not find the toolbar?

In Tools-Option-Plug in the Rhinopolyhedra is installed and loaded.

Any solution? Thanxs

Dale Fugier's picture

The plug-in does not include a toolbar. To use, you will need to enter the Polyhedron in Rhino's command line.

Hi Dale,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Great tool!!

 I tried to install this plug in by by double clicking on the file and got a message asking "How do I want to open this file? Look for a app in the app store?" What should I do?



Dale Fugier's picture

RhinoPolyhedra downloads as a Rhino Installer File (RHI). Thus, you should be able double-click on it to install. If not, then right-click on it and pick Open With -> Rhino Installer Engine.

More tips:

Wieland Schmidt's picture

Great, RhinoPolyhedra is realy helpful! 

Are you planing a Grasshoper version of it?


Dale Fugier's picture

The thought had crossed my mind. But I am not working on anything at this moment. How would you use it?

Wieland Schmidt's picture

Hi Dale,

I am using polyhedral shapes a lot as the base geometry for my design. It would be very helpfull to be able to change the the polyhedral shapes in Grasshopper.

See an example here:

Greetings from Munich,


Dale Fugier's picture

Thanks for the feedback, and also for the link - great stuff.

If I do end up supporting Grasshopper, it won't be until V6 (most likely) as there would be a lot of work to do.

SelplannarSrf ,waa ,so cool ,I like it

Dale Fugier's picture

Great. And, if you run the scripted version of SelPlanarSrf (e.g. -SelPlanarSrf), you can specify the number of edges a surfaces much have to be selected.

Thanks very useful. 

gakes's picture



Brian's video at 7 min indicates finding the center of a pentagon for a polar array using osnap and smarttrack. I cannot do this. My installation only finds the intersection of the mid points onortho. How does he set up to attain the centerpoint intersection?

Dale Fugier's picture

You need to SmartTrack and MidPoint osnap enabled. Hover over one edge to activate the first midpoint reference line, hover over another edge to activate the second midpoint reference line, and then hover over the intersection of the two reference lines. For more assistance on using SmartTrack see the following:

gakes's picture

How do I uninstall? I'm getting load errors


Join the question.


Dale Fugier's picture

I would like to know more about the errors you are getting. Can you email me directly with more details. Thanks.

gakes's picture

It just does not load the polyhedra plugin, thats all

Dale Fugier's picture

When you try to load it, what error message are you getting? Are you usng 32-bit or 64-bit Rhino 5? Are you using the latest service release of Rhino 5?

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