Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog makes it simple to build beautiful remote controls for Grasshopper. You can quickly configure and connect custom panels directly to Grasshopper for a simple remot control.

The Prairie Dog panel has 4 slider type avaliable. Floating Point, integer, even, and odd. These match the 4 slider types avaliable in Grasshopper. 


Setting up and using Prairie Dog is a simple 4 step process:

  1. Install Prairie Dog for Grasshopper - Install the grasshopper component just like you would any other Grasshopper component. It has been tested with Grasshopper o.9.0053.
  2. Build remote control with Prairie Dog - Use Prairie Dog to build the remote control you want to use in Grasshopper. Once you have finished, save the JSON file in an location you can remember on your computer or network.
  3. Connect to the Remote Control in Grasshopper - The Prairie Dog connection component can be found under the Extras tab. Use a file path component to navigate to your JSON file. Then connect the output into Prairie Dog for Grasshopper component.
  4. Add Outputs - Finally, add outputs to the Prairie Dog for Grasshopper component that match your slider names.
  5. Enjoy! - Now as you manipulate the sliders on the Prairie Dog remote control, the outputs will be automatically be adjusted to match in Grasshopper.

More Information

For more information please visit the website here. You can contact me on my website with bug reports, feature requests, and questions.


- Ryan Gathmann

Support Email: 4FQ.33S4UKSIL@3SEL@
Plug-in rating:
Title Release Notes
Prairie Dog v20130727
This release adds 3 major features. Simplified user interface, new floating point/ integer / even / odd slider types, and keep the Prairie Dog panel always on top of other windows.  
Version: 20130727
Language: English
Prairie Dog v20130510
This is the initial beta release of Prairie Dog. Please try it out and give your feedback and feature requests. Thanks!  
Version: 20130510
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
Homepage: Prairie Dog
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