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3D painting made easy


MeshPaint3D  is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive painting, as is performed with pixel images, but on multi-resolution mesh geometries. Painting can be done based on vertices or faces within a single mesh. Colorwheel, Eyedropper and Eraser functions are included in the plug-in.

*Warning: Use with caution, painting meshes can become addictive!

MeshPaint3D Features:

•  Functionality with Multi-Resolution Meshes •  Vertex or Face Selection mode
•  ColorWheel Selector    Vertex mode set with two radii, for defining the threshold
•  CRTL to Sample a color •  Add or Subtract color
•  ALT to Erase color •  Opacity Control of the Added/Subtracted Color
•  Reset •  Blur of Painted Colors
      Variable Blur Strength

This utility for rhino contains one command:
• Meshpaint

To install:
• Right-click the file > Properties > make sure there is no "blocked" text
• Copy meshpaint.rhp to your desired location and drag and drop it into the canvas of rhino 5.0

To start this command simply type MeshPaint into the command prompt

[uto] has tested this project, but as this is the first release, it may still contain bugs. Please use the plugin "as is", it does not come with warranties. A lot of time was dedicated to developing the logic of our tools and implementing it, so please credit our work appropriately.

Many thanks to David, Giulio and Steve for there help and support. 


Support Email: 4FQ.RGS4I@FKH.4FLO.FQYI@
Plug-in rating:
Average: 4.8 (5 votes)
Title Release Notes
first release of MeshPaint v1.001 for Rhino 5.0  
Language: English
Homepage: @[uto]


Would anyone know if this works on Mac Rhino?


I am very pleased. 

I am geology studant and needent to paint joints in diferent colors. This pluggin was very good.

Thank you very much. 

sepo's picture

Hi there

Great potential of this plugin. 

Is it possible to save and export the file for rendering?


uto's picture

of course, so maya, cinema and 3dsmax all suppot vertexshaders


Brian James's picture
Nice job on this plugin. The access to the mesh color data via GH is an excellent option. Here are some feature requests that would aid texturing in rendering workflows...  - Bake out an image of the paint to the object UVs.  - Paint directly to the UVs... if that's possible, texture support for brushes would be great. Rhino 5 has a bunch of procedurals you might be able to tie into already. Again, great job! 
uto's picture
Hi Brian, thank you for your post. Could you point out which procedurals you mean? Would be interesting.
Brian James's picture
Hi uto,  I meant all the stuff in the 'Texture Palette' which is in the Panels drop down menu and is new to Rhino 5... I use a bunch of these textures in a recent tutorial here You can combine them to do lots of effects without ever editing in an external 2D app. 
Dylan_KL's picture
Seems like there's a little bug concerning transparency Each time I use MeshPaint on a mesh and set transparency to 50%, It appears right in the pre-render window but the mesh is opaque in the final render. Thanks for this plug-in
uto's picture
Hi Dylan, This is not a bug. To clarify what the opacity is doing: It reduces the saturation of the colour. Rhino is not able to use opacity in shaders so are only able to use it in this way. But anyway thank you for catching up and sending us an Feedback.
kavaz's picture

Does somebody have R4 version?

uto's picture

sorry only rhino 5.

Do you know if there are any resources to study large principles of the capable in grasshopper? It would be excellent to use MeshPaint3D to impact changes in a paramtric board struture (like tissues openeing and ending based on the vertex color values).

Jens's picture

Great plugin. Do you know if there are any tools to read the colour values of the mesh in grasshopper? It would be great to use MeshPaint3D to influence changes in a paramtric panel struture (like cells openeing and closing depending on the vertex colour values).

uto's picture

Hi Jens,
thank you very much for your feedback.
Just decompose the mesh and you get access to the vertices colour values.
And then you can do whatever you want.
This painting is exactly where we use it- for material properties and articulations of surfaces


Jens's picture

Great! Works like a charm. Thank you very much and thanks for sharing. I am working on some strucural systems for 3D printing and this is a great tool. Will share some pics when I get the prints.

Super great! Thanks uto!

Absolutely addictive! Especially when blur has been frequently used :)

Just wondered if possible to export the painted mesh as .stl which keeps the colors (for possible 3D print)???

You'll have a beer from me this evening :)

uto's picture

Hi Alex,
thank you, we are excited to get some feedback.
stl doens't support colors nativly(i think binary should but it is not implemented in rhino) so you can use *.wrl or *.fbx instead which is used by most of the 3dprint companies.
Looking forward to our beer.

kleerkoat's picture

you are right, it is addicting! very cool plugin, you've done a great job on it's interaction. i don't have a practical use for it, though I can see it being a must have tool for others.

will it be a paid plugin or remain free?

thank you.

uto's picture

thank you for your comment!
it is a must when you work with meshes for any case....
it will stay for free, but donations are welcome....!/p/downloads.html

fraguada's picture

Glad to see you guys released this! Tested it out and works as advertized! This is something that opens up a lot of possibilities in Maya, so I am excited to see this first version available in Rhino. Of course, it would be great to get a nice panel interface for this, but I am sure you guys are already working on this!

uto's picture

Thanks Luis, you are right hope we can soon release the interface.
We wanted to get it out to the community that we can get soem feedback and to, finally get meshpaint with some addons compared to maya to rhino....i loved it in maya

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