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Meshedit is a set of components which extend Grasshopper's ability to work with meshes.



included components:


  • Mesh from points
  • Mesh cull unused vertices
  • Mesh flip
  • Mesh unify normals
  • Mesh weld vertices with threshold


  • Mesh area
  • Mesh volume
  • Mesh explode
  • Mesh convert quads to triangles
  • Mesh add attributes
  • Mesh extract attributes
  • Mesh find naked edges

If you find anything else useful please let us know!

To install:

  • In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Save the gha file there.
  • Right-click the file > Properties > make sure there is no "blocked" text
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper

if you encounter any problems or you need help, join our discussion now:

uto-tools group

Support Email: 4FQ.RGS4I@FKH.4FLO.FQYI@
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Title Release Notes
Components to improve mesh-editing inside Grasshopper for PC & MAC  
Language: English
Components to improve mesh-editing inside Grasshopper  
Language: English
Homepage: [uto]



I have installed the Plug-In how it os said, just by ading the .gha File into component folder. But when I am starting the Grasshopper it gives me a list of loading errors and it happens only when there is Meshedit.gha in the Components folder. 


Any Ideas how could I fix that?

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did you unblock the component? please right-click on it / properties and see if there is a unbock in the lower right corner - if yes - press it. After restarting rhino you should find additonal components in the mesh fly-out

Good post.

I try to install meshEdit on mac but it doesn't work any idea how to fix it?

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Hi finally we found the time - new realease which also works for MAC

Thank you guys a lot for that update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Mac update!

I found all the components to be working except:

  • Mesh Area
  • Mesh Volume
  • Mesh convert quads to triangles
  • Mesh find naked edges


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Dear Hiaz,

mesh area and volume is not part of this release any more, David included that in the standard area and volume component.

Can you send us more feedback what is not working with mesh convert and find naked edges ? Thanks 

Hi, I have the same problem, there is a message that mesh area and mesh volumen is missing. in MAC

but with your reply, i'm not sure if you are refering that in surface, area and in surface volume, we can find the properties of mesh area and mesh volumen, is that, what you mean?,

thanks you


Awesome! I will test as soon as I can. Thanks a lot!

Hello guys, I have a problem with meshedit. I tried to install meshedit file into my grasshopper 0.9 canvas and unblock it ,but it doesn't work.who can tell me how to solve this issue?


Thank you so much!


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I am working on Rhino 5 and GH 0.9.0014

I unblock the file meshEdit.gha but it still says:

Unrecognized object





That is nice. Thanks for your explanation

Hello everybody, I have a problem with meshedit. I tried to install (drag and drop or copy and paste) meshedit file into my grasshopper 0.9 canvas but it doesn't work. It really appears on the component folder but not into the grasshopper toolbar..some suggestion? Thank you! Davo

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hi davide,

please right click on the meshedt.gha and select properties.

at the right button corner you properly find the window option unblock(this happens to file downloaded from the internet) click that and restart grasshopper. Than it should show up as expected.

Thanks uto!

very strange, it seems to be an already unlocked file but it doesn't work!



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Dear davide,

meshedit components are added in the mesh flyout of grasshopper. Is that the problem you are facing? if you double click in the canvas and search for eg. mesh explode does it come up? 

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Right-Click gha file> Properties > Security > Toggle "Unblock"

any idea how is this on mac ? I tried the editing of the file properties and appears unlocked.

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Hi finally we found the time - new realease which also works for MAC

hi uto, i can not install meshedit in my grasshopper 0.9.0072

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Dear Uto,
This seems like a fantastic set of components.
Can you please just clarify on what exactly does "Weld Vertices" component does - it culls the duplicate vertices inside of meshes? But shat causes having double vertices inside of meshes?
Thank you.

uto's picture

Dear Djordje,
Weld Vertices does as in every Mesh modeller software find Vertices in a certain threshold(defined with var t) and average there coordinates and reduces the found vertices to one. It also helps to close little holes in your geometry.

djordje's picture

Thank you for the reply.
By the way Weld vertices, Mesh from points... along with some other Mesh Edit components are not native Grasshopper components?
How come I still have them in my Grasshopper (0.9.0014) even though I do not remember of installing the Mesh Edit plugin?


uto's picture

Hi Djordje,
seems you have them somewhere at your system ;)

djordje's picture

So there is no way of using these, without installing the Mesh Edit plugin first?

uto's picture

not really, otherwise you wouldn't have the components

thank you very a lot for this plugin, which is very cooperative.

Hi uto, a similar question with David, I'm also using a 64 bit rhino 5 wip and GH 0.8.0066, but no matter how, I just couldn't get this MeshEdit in my grasshopper. I managed to get Flowl in the extra column by putting it into the component folder.
As instructed, I put the MeshEdit file in the special folder, component folder, but I still can't use it, it doesn't appear in the extra column.

uto's picture

Hi lee,
meshedit will not appear in the extra flyout!
this components are added directly in the mesh flyout

Hello, thank you very much for this plugin, which is very helpful.
Could you eventually in a the next release include operation to transform a mesh into surface or Brep. Indeed it will be very convenient to operate intersection between curve or surface.
thank you.

uto's picture

Hi marc,
could you explain what you expect for intersect curve or surfaces which is not yet possible?
There are ways to transform meshes into surfaces or Brep but you would have to start with low poly meshes to get good results when you enter the subdivision process.

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your reply

For now I have that :

Basically, I am trying to create thickness from a mesh import from mathematica (.STL). Indeed, I would like to realize a 3D printing.

I tried different operation with offset, planar surface, thicken mesh, But I am still not very confortable with those solution that seems to rely on non constructive solution.

They produce nice rendering but I would need real thickness to give to the machine. I am block now because I don't know how to produce tangible thickness for mesh. (I tried evolute but only the expensive PRO version run proper offset)

What would you recommend ?

Here you can download the definition :

Thank you very much and Happy New Year

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Does this version work OK with the latest 64bit WIP and version 0.8.0066 GH?

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yes it is working well with rhino5 32bit/64bit and rhino4SR9

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haha ,surprised,meet Jessesn at here ,I'm also a member of NCF.

Jessesn's picture
I can not use this plugin with Grasshopper 0.8.0007.
uto's picture
Hi Jessesn, can you describe your problem? we have tested it with the newest release and have no errors? maybe you can post a screenshot in our group at
Jessesn's picture
Hi uto Thanks for your reply, I have redownload this plugin again, and now working right. thansk again !
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