LunchBox is a plug-in for Grasshopper for exploring mathematical shapes, paneling, structures, and workflow.  The plug-in includes tools for:

The latest release of LunchBox is built against Grasshopper 0.90076 and Rhino 5.0 (I am no longer testing with Rhino 4.0)

  • Data:  Components for dataset management, XML, and JSON formats
  • Generate: Components for cool generative geometry.
  • Math:  Create parametric surfaces and forms such as the Mobius, Klein, or 3D Supershape 
  • Panels:  Create paneling systems such as quad grids, diamonds, or triangles.
  • Structure:  Create wire structures such as diagrids or space trusses.
  • Utility:  Rationalize spline curves and reverse surfaces.
  • Workflow: Read and write Excel files, layer management, and automate baking and saving.

I hope the tool is as helpful to you as it is to me in the design process!

To install:

  • The new installer uses a 'ClickOnce' deployment method.
  • Click the primary download link below and install the tool.
  • Launch Rhino and Grasshopper
  • An additional ZIP download with the plugins is also provided.


  • Rhinoceros 5.0 64-bit
  • Grasshopper 0.90076
  • The latest Microsoft .NET Framework (4.5+)
  • Windows (LunchBox has not been officially tested on the Mac)

- Nathan Miller

Support Email: FG.P3HFLII3G1FLD@WF2UQ3HR@
Plug-in rating:
Average: 4.3 (64 votes)
Title Release Notes
LunchBox 2016.3.21
Mesh reduce, Mesh edges (by face angle), Chart form, Datagrid form  
Version: 2016.3.21
Language: English
LunchBox 2016.3.21 ZIP
A ZIP package for v.2016.3.21 containing the Grasshopper plugin files.  
Version: 2016.3.21
Language: English
LunchBox v.2015.7.20
XML, datasets, layer management, duplicate sorting, unroll brep, new ClickOnce deployment  
Version: 2015.7.20
Language: English
LunchBox v2014.05.05
New Excel nodes, general code update, bug fixes, new installer  
Version: 2015.05.05
Language: English
LunchBox v0.35
ZIP Package, New components  
Language: English
LunchBox v0.35 w/ Installer
New Installer and New Components  
Version: v0.35
Language: English
LunchBox v0.32
Hexagonal Cells, Patch Surface, and Relative Coordinates  
Language: English
LunchBox v0.301
Bug fixes to Save, Bake, and RhCommand  
Language: English
LunchBox v0.3
Includes new Platonic Solid components, rebuild surface component, and skewed quad panels.  
Language: English
LunchBox v0.265
Maintenance release. Fixed undesirable/unexpected behavior on some structure and panel components.  
Language: English
Homepage: The Proving Ground



Up until now Lunchbox has worked perfectly. After updating however I can't see the Lunchbox tab in GH ! very strange,  I did install both with EXE files and manually, nothing is blocked.

Any ideas?



Hello! Is there any way to install Lounchbox on mac?

Hi, I have downloaded lunchbox but I am unable to install it in my grasshopper. I am using Mac but running windows 64bit through bootcamp. Please help me.

file----special foleders-----components folder------and copy the lunchbox.gha there.

and then reset the grasshopper.

A colleague of mine is having an installation issue. The files (gha and dll) get placed in the right location but when the user opens up GH the LunchBox tab does not appear. She's running win 10 on a Mac. Any ideas what may be the issue?

Was able to resolve the problem by installing Rhino 64 bit. Seems lunchbox is 64 bit.

I have the exact same problem :(

Hi, some problem with Mesh Reduction.

Just me? Any other?

Popup says there's some problem with the command.

Nathan Miller's picture

What is the error, exactly? Can you provide more information?


Thank you

Is that working with windows 10 ?

It might not, I've succesfuly installed on my pc with Windows 10 and here the message coming in :

"Path: C:\Users\Utente4\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries\LunchBox.gha
The GHA file is either damaged or has been made with
a newer version of .NET than Grasshopper itself.
You can try toggling the "Memory Load" option in the
GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command window, it might help.


Please I need some help!


ChenSiranMaxie's picture

Hello, can I ask how should I download Lunchbox. I am prettry sure the gha file is in my component folder and it is not blocked. why isnt there anything show up after I restart grasshopper???????????????????????????? 

wilbo2402's picture

I'm having the same issue. Crickets on the help.

hattorihanzo's picture

Try to find an older version without an installation file but that is directly a .gha file, that worked for me (after trying stuff for over an hour).

Hello !

Thanks for your fantastic addon.

One question about "Reverse Surface Direction" component.

It has 4 options 0,1,2,3 .

0 meaning do nothing, 

1 = reverse U

2 = reverse V

3 = reverse UV.

I understand all of them except 3. reverse UV seems to act as 0 (do nothing) 




I'm trying to solve the gap which appears on every closed surface created by revolution. Exactly where the seam of the surface is the pannels are not closing properly (some pannels are missing, see the image from the link). Any ideas how to solve it? Thank you


when i try to read the excel file i am getting the folllowing message:

0. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at LunchBox.WF_ExcelReadNew.SolveInstance(IGH_DataAccess DA)

what am i missing here please advice.


Thank you,





I am having this same issue, and am very interested i using this componet.  Has anyone found a fix?  Im justing version 0.9.0076


I found a small bug in one of the components. In the Bake component it simply refuses to bake boxes. They have to be converted to Breps before, which the component should do by itsself really ;)

hi ... 

after instalation , i can not see any icons in grasshopper , so i can not use this plugin ... could anyone please help me?!


i have the same problem!! D: did you solved it?

I'm also experiencing the same issue~!

try install via the ZIP package instead

M_Doychinov's picture

i have the same problem! pls help  

Installation doesn't actually initiate. I clicked next all the way through, a status bar pops up, but nothing downloads and installation times out? I am using Rhino 4.0 and have Grasshopper installed. Does this only work for Rhino 5.0 with Grasshopper?



Is lunchbox known to have any issues with Windows 8?  Specifically I am having trouble getting the excel write component to work.  I uninstalled everything and reinstalled to make certain.  Works fine on my windows 7 machine.


I am receiving an error when I try to save my files that have any LunchBox component included in the canvas.  The error reads:

Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx)

I am using Grasshopper Build 0.9.0064 on Rhino 5



Back in the day, I didn't have a lunchbox. I had school dinners. But there were kids with some fantastic lunchboxes that incorporated all the best cartoons of the time – cartoons that safely fall into the retro category nowadays. The likes of He-Man, Transformers and Thundercats were the biggies, while for the girls I seem to recall things like Care Bears and My Little Pony. I'm not going to lie, I was very envious of the former. I'd have loved a He-Man lunchbox, especially if it included Battle Cat in the picture. br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} new holland colombia

thanks a lot i really can,t thank you enugh

cool, thanks!

Nathan Miller's picture

If you are still encountering a list of errors similar to...

"Method not found: 'Int32 GH_InputParamManager.AddPointParameter(System.String, System.String, System.String, Grasshopper.Kernel.GH_ParamAccess)'.

This means that the plug-in is looking for component methods that are only available in the latest release of Grasshopper v0.90014. Please upgrade to the latest release....

LunchBox is built and tested with for Grasshopper v0.90014 and Rhino 5.0 (64-bit).

welder's picture

I am getting this error popup every time I open Grasshopper now. The plugin also does not load. Any ideas why?

Sample of the 40+ lines of error.
Object: GEN_AttractorNorm (level 1)
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Object: GEN_AttractorNorm (level 2)
Method not found: 'Int32 GH_InputParamManager.AddPointParameter(System.String, System.String, System.String, Grasshopper.Kernel.GH_ParamAccess)'.

Object: GEN_AttractorWave (level 1)
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Nathan Miller's picture

Be sure you have the latest version of Grasshopper installed. This is built against version 0.90014. Also, be sure you have removed any previous versions of LunchBox before installing as older versions will probably cause conflicts.


I'm having the same issue over here and I'm running the latest release.

I guss it dosnt work on 64 bit windows

It does work. Try to instal LunchBox v0.32.
The newest release doesn´t work.
I had the same problem.

pbdlab's picture

excellent work!

voxl's picture

Thanks Nathan - looking forward to giving it a go - Mike

messman's picture

Great plug! Thumbs up! And at the end, Thanks :)

michaeldrobnik's picture

cool, thanks!

architectenes's picture

very very tankyou

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