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Lands Design

Lands Design is a landscaping plug-in to design gardens and green spaces that runs on Rhino 5 (32 and 64 bit). Lands is ideal for landscape architects, urban planners, town council technicians, constructors, designers and draftsmen, environment departments, nurserymen, gardeners, etc.

  • Plant database with more than 1800 species: search and insert plant species, each one with their own technical specifications and detail characteristics.
  • Setting out plans and Landscape project documentation: automatically generate 2D technical plans of a landscape project and create lists to quantify the information of the plant species, zoning areas, watering systems, etc.
  • Realistic images, virtual tours: lands design includes libraries with real trees, each one with textured materials on leaves, branches, trunks and flowers. They can have different render appearances for season change simulation.
  • Customize and edit vegetation species: assign custom 2D and 3D representations to each plant species. The tree editor allows to easily customize the appearance and shape of any plant with textures and materials, from the trunk to the tiniest leaf.
  • 3D Terrain modeling tools: create terrains from contours, elevation curves, point clouds or import terrains from Google Earth. Lands Design includes a set of tools to easily modify terrains, calculate the volume of land movements, apply cut and fills, hollows, etc.
  • Civil Work: create paths, stairs, dwarf walls, fences, or element rows for your landscape project.
  • Watering system tools: define the watering installation using different sprinkler types, sprinkler distributions, and pipes.

Lands Design is under development. You can join the development proces by sending your feedback to the Lands Design Community.

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Support Email: 4FQ.G3HAS@3IGAYPAP3SR@
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Title Release Notes
Lands Design Beta (64-bit)
Once installed, use the "Lands Design Beta (Rhino 64-bit)" desktop icon to launch the application. This Beta version will expire 90 days after the installation. Before the Beta expires, another Beta or the commercial version will be released.  
Language: English
Lands Design WIP
Once installed, use the "Lands Design WIP" desktop icon to launch the application. This Work In Progress (WIP) version will expire 60 days after the installation. Before the WIP expires, another WIP or the commercial version will be released.  
Language: English
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Hi guys!

I recently downloaded the Beta version and found it a really powerful and time-saving tool for landscape designing, but unfortunately because of the glitches it took me more time than the conventional method. Firstly, as I browse in the trees catalogue, it freezes the program, so I have to force stop and restart, most of the time I lose my work if it doesn't autosave. I saved more often to be on the safer side. Which eventually created another problem, and this one is more of a pain. If and when there is a lot of geometry, which is natural because of so many surfaces, every time I hit save or turn off-turn on planting layer, it kind of vanishes all the plants and starts "creating meshes..." Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any way to escape this mess? Should I work on the WIP instead?



Me gusta mucho el programa pero sólo me funciona la versión con rhino incluido. Gracias por él.

lands design menues just never appear in rhino (eventhough it is launch from destock icon)
I try to reinstall but nop.
Don't know what to do...


I have the same problem, even i can't open the Rhino after i install lands design....


The wip download area seems to be closed in

(no form, no link). Isn't it ?


Hi guys.I ınstall land desıng but thıs have error:

''Google Earth is not installed in this machine''.But l have google earth my computer google earth pro and normally google earth.Please help me. l want google earht elevation data import..


Albert Rodríguez's picture


take a look to the following discussion in the Lands Design Community for information about the problem including a solution:

It is a temporal solution until we get Lands Design successfully connecting to the latest Google Earth versions.

Hi,I need some help,I install the plugin and pressed the icon on my desktop and it shows"WIP version expired" What can I do?

Fethullah Çöpoğlu's picture

it opened in german language. what can i do? :((

help needed, i dowloaded the app, installed it, got the icon on my desktop, i press the icon,    rhino starts, but i got no Lands Design on my menu, i looked all over the place, where and how do i reach the utilities of this app 



very good

Lalo23's picture

Hi , in my computer didn't work , it appears a message like this " No rhino version has been found on this computer on which to run lands" , but i have the most recent verison of Rhinoceros 5, please help.

Albert Rodríguez's picture


the Lands Design Community ( is a better place to ask for technical support, since it has much more audience and many other users can read the solution.

Your problem may be due to one of these things:

- you are not installing the proper version of Lands Design. You must install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Lands Design based on if your Rhino 5 is 32-bit or 64-bit. Installing Lands Design 32-bit while having Rhino 5 64-bit, or viceversa, is not going to work.

- you have recently installed a newer version of Rhino 5 which changed the folder name of the Rhino binaries in "Program Files". For example from "Rhinoceros 5.0" to "Rhinoceros 5". It also can occur if you have upgraded your Rhino 5 from the 90-day evaluation version to the commercial one, causing a change in the binaries folder name. To solve it you just need to reinstall Lands Design.

- for some reason, some files or registry keys are missing. Reinstalling Lands Design should solve the problem.


hi, i have the same the problem...i tryed to solve it with the solution exposed but begining the installation appear this error : ''rhinoceros 5 is not foud on this computer''.

how can i solve this problem???

Albert Rodríguez's picture

Which Rhino version do you have?

Lands Design requires Rhino 5 Service Release 6 or later in order to install and run. The current Rhino 5 SR is SR10. You can download it from the following link:

If your Rhino 5 version meets the requirements, then try to completely uninstall Lands Design. If you have VisualARQ installed, uninstall it too.

Then reinstall the latest version of Lands Design, and the latest version of VisualARQ if it was installed.


Albert Rodríguez

Some grasshopper integrations would be great. Like using custom grid to populate them with trees would be cool. (also grasshopper makes the whole thing crash quite easily so maybe a fixup would be good on that side.)

Also, if there is a way to import the trees without loosing the textures, so that we can turn them into vray proxies to populate large areas, that would be awesome.


I really like this addition to Rhino.  As a designer I find the process of adding multiple types of trees in the visualization process to be tedious.  With this, it's quite simple and functional, thanks for the great addition to our profession.  I hope the full version is available soon.  Keep up the good work.

thats cool...but its demo version...How we can patch it?!!!


lock794779857's picture


Soo much awasomeness ! As a final year landscape architecture student with a fairly geeky side, I must say this is the most promising plugin I ve seen so far!

mchen131's picture

thanks a lots~

Tre HjØerner's picture

i hope this program help me¡¡¡¡¡

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