Hummingbird is a set of Grasshopper components that facilitate the creation of Revit native geometry. This process exports basic geometric properties and parameter data to CSV text files which is used to describe many aspects of the Revit BIM geometry. In Revit this data is easily imported using the Whitefeet Modelbuilder tool (included).

Translating Rhino primative geometry to Revit has been vastly simplified without the need for linking or reference objects. This allows for the downstream Revit model to be modified and adapted for the project duration.


  • Units!, Whitefeet ModelBuilder tool now includes the ability to specify metric or other custom units upon import.
  • No more Excel! Read and write using simple CSV text files.

Hummingbird for grasshopper includes the following components:

  • Adaptive Components
  • Floors
  • Grids
  • Levels
  • Walls
  • Beams
  • Columns (both structural & architectural)
  • Lines  (detail, model, area bound, room sep)
  • Lofts (place points, curve by points)
  • Rooms_Areas
  • MassFamily (Extrudes a closed polyline into a mass family)
  • Topo Surfaces
  • Family Instances (places any revit family by coordinate point)


To use this solution you must have the following software installed:

  • Windows 7 with .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0.
  • Revit:  Revit 2014 (for 2013 use the older version)
  • Rhino: Version 5.
  • Grasshopper: 0.9.0056

To install:

Make sure to unblock the .exe (properties... unblock)

Run the installer which will install both the grasshopper component as well as the Whitefeet ModelBuilder addin (Revit 2014)

For more examples and information:

- Tim & Mario

Support Email: 4FQ.Y4@LFPSY4ZK@
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Average: 4.5 (11 votes)
Title Release Notes
Hummingbird 2
Major update! Includes installer for both rhino and revit addins, custom units are now supported, no more excel!, CSV text files are now the main transport format, Revit 2014 only  
Language: English
Hummingbird (old)
Previous version of the Hummingbird Component Set. Updated to work with Rhino 5.0, added new Level component - Allows for the creation of Revit Levels.  
Language: English


marioguttman's picture

I've created a new version that includes ModelBuilder for both Revit 2014 and Revit 2015.  It requires Rhino 5.  Available from for now.  I'll try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.

Thanks Mario! I didn't think you were updating it anymore?

Hi Tim and Mario,

Is there any way to get a wall to come into revit on something other than the wall centerline? Can we get finish face exterior or finish face interior? I think the plugin is amazing, and I am hoping that you guys keep developing it because it could be even more powerful than it already is.


marioguttman's picture

I have reactivated the site.  You can download the 2015 version of the WhiteFeet Tools and use the ModelBuilder to do the Revit side of the translation. You can use the current version of Hummingbird to do the Rhino side.  Sorry, I've been slow to get a 2015 Hummingbird package out.  Mario


Will a new Hummingbird for revit 2015 going to be released soon?

Thank you,



Does Humming bird support the latest version of grasshopper? 

And the version for Revit 2015 is coming soon yet?

I tried to transfer models from Rhino to Revit 2014. All the columns and axises are stacked together. The grasshopper version I am using is 0.9.0075.

Does anyone have the same situation?

It would be great if someone could pass me basic exampls I could start with. my e-mail address is 




I'm trying to export multiple columns with multiple types. However, regardless of if I fatten or graft the list of types, it only writes one type to the *csv. Is it possible to export multiple types?

tjmeador's picture

You'll have to use multiple copies of the column component. One for each type. 

wlqq_2004's picture

Can I use the hummingbird(Model Builder) to add doors and windows components in revit file?I have Succeeded in palcing a desk,but I don't konw how to add a door。Please halp me,thanks~

Is the whitefeet website down?

marioguttman's picture

I am no longer running the WhiteFeet Tools website.

Hi Mario. Is someone else going to take over? What is the future of Hummingbird without the WhiteFeet plug-in?

michaelfrederick's picture

Hi.  When attempting to process a .cvs file in Revit 2014 is anyone else getting the error:

Error writing.ini file in UtilitySettings.WriteIniFile.System message:Access to the path ‘C:/ModelBuilder2014.ini’ is denied

local install of Revit 2014 running on a borrowed network licence

local install of Hummingbird 2.msi downloaded from this site 

no errors when installing Hummingbird2 only the one error when in Revit.  

any idea?

much thanks!


I can help ya with that one I think.. Save your revit project first.

If I understand correctly, it's trying to write to your C:/ and (presumably) you don't have admin rights. Was doign it for me as well but as soon as I saved the revit project, Hummingbird automatically wrote the ini file (ModelBuilder.ini) to the same directory as the revit file. Basically it stores the sessions hummingbird settings.

ogcsmysterio's picture

Hi Mario, I have recently downloaded hummingbird but I've got some trouble, I do my definition but I don't know why always it give me an empty file. I don't know where's the mistake, do you have some guide or tutorial? Thank you very much.

ogcsmysterio's picture

Hi, a newer version for Revit 2015 will be avaible soon? I have update my 2014 version but sadly I can't use Hummingbird anymore, and neither recover my 2014 Revit. Thank you,


Hey There, I am 2015 Revit. Do you have any anything in the work to play nice with 2015? 

Thanks, I know it's a lot of work to keep pushing out releases.



marioguttman's picture

akragness:  We do not have a 2015 package for Hummingbird but I have posted a 2015 version of the WhiteFeet Tools for Revit at You can use the 2014 version of Hummingbird to get the Rhino-Grasshopper components and then use the Model Builder in the 2015 version of the WhiteFeet Tools in Revit.


I was wondering if it is pooisble to feed multiple types into a hummingbird node like you can with the parameters ?

I notice when you export multiple floors from revit to Whitefeet it adds a line before each new type and set's the floor type.

I can't manage to get the same when exporting from Grasshopper/hummingbird, it wants to only set the type once.

I would like to be able to feed in multiple floor curves with corresponding mutliple floor types. is this something that can be done




Gary M



marioguttman's picture

Gary, The .CSV format and the Revit ModelBuilder addin can support that.  Unfortunately, the current Grasshopper plugin does not.  You could workaround by having a separate component for each floor.  Maybe someone who is better at Grasshopper than I am can suggest a better solution.  I'll take your request as a suggestion for the future.  Mario

Hi Mario

Thanks for gettting back to me

I have manage to fudge a work around for the moment

I am reading the CSV file back into GH and automating a line to apply the relevant thickness to each floor and then just stream out the results.

I have it working for Beams and other elements too it's working great

It means I can just add a name to curves in rhino or grasshopper and Hunmmingbird can just import them all onto the correct sizes.

Thanks for your help

Gary M

I am using Rhino 5.0 and the latest Hummingbird Build.  Whenever I try to make  a Mass Family I get the error:

Unable to create FamilyInstance


I am using the Sample data from whitefeet : SampleMassFamilies.csv


Please see image from flickr



marioguttman's picture

ancientholiday, I checked and that file does not run properly for me either.  A number of the files in that folder seem to have problems.  Sorry, sample data is due for a cleanup, but I keep putting it off.  Try the other two folders in the .ZIP file.  Mario

Hello and thank you very much Mario. It works!

I have been working with floors and walls and they import into Revit really well. But I am having some trouble with the component LoftForms. I am trying to import into Revit some double curved surfaces from GH but it does not work. Also, in the GH LoftForms component there is no 'Type' input, so I wonder if it is not possible to apply a Revit material to the surfaces...

Could you please explain how the loft works? I have checked the Sample included in the installation folder but it does not work...

Thank you so much!


I have successfully added walls from the tutorial files; however, when I section my floors they show up as errors in REvit. The CSV file looks very similar to the one in the tutorial files. Anyway to solve this?


Secondly, I have a custom mass that I have contoured to get the floor curves. There are three index errors and failure to write a CSV file. Not sure why it works in the tutorial version. I have tried grafting the input from the curves as well. 

Do I have to have the gridlines specifying the floor heights before the floors are made?

Hi, I have download and installed version 2.0 in my computer (Windows 7, 64-bit) and when I open Revit 2014 and click in ModelBuilder there are some errors happening:

1st Error: The path is not of a legal form

2nd Error: Error in UtilitySettings.Refresh.RevitValues()

If I Accept and Import the .cvs file exported from Rhino 5 and click Process:

3rd Error: Error writing.ini file in UtilitySettings.WriteIniFile.System message:Access to the path ‘C:/ModelBuilder2014.ini’ is denied.

4th Error: Unable to connect to file with path. Stopping process.

Which could be the problem? 

Thank you very much in advance.


marioguttman's picture

lusamu:  Please get the latest version, documentation, and sample data from here:  If the problem persists provide more detail about your working environment:  are you working on a local machine?  What is the path that is failing? Screenshots are helpful.

I am having the same problems with New Hummingbird installation





On the Revit Side, I no longer have any issues, however from Grasshopper, Hummingbird components do not write csv.

Whenever I activate hummingbird component in GH, I get a message saying that it cannot write to .csv.

I never had this problem with writing to excel.

Also, how come Hummingbird can not modify components in Revit that it has placed.  It would be convienient to move or modify components that it placed on a previous run so as not to have to re-tag components.


I have installed hummingbird with the new installation sequence.

Now I get message: Unable to connect to .csv file. Folder must exist and existing file must not be in use.


How can i change  hummingbird to connect to excel file instaed? I never had problem to connect to excel file.

I am having difficulty using excel to update the floors in my revit model from grasshopper. I use the lunchbox component to read the file then intersect brep etc.. and it doesn't update the second excel file that revit needs from the hummingbird component. if anyone could take a look or give me a clue to how to accomplish this, then that would be great. maybe because the 'tab; component changed to 'file'?

thanks in advance


marioguttman's picture

brobes05:  I'm not quite sure what you are doing.  The current version of Hummingbird does not use Excel; it reads and writes a .CSV file.  Get the latest version and documentation from here and give some more specifics about the steps you are taking. 

Hi, I have the latest version of the plugin. I can't figure out how to upload a gh file or an image. I have set up the floor GH flow properly however the Hummingbird Floor component will not recognized any data from my section cuts and outputs failures at indexes etc... i cannot figure out how to make this work properly. 


Hi, I installed newest version of hummingbird to my computer [windows8, most recent rhino5+grasshopper, revit 2014]. 

When I try to install hummingbird the dll. error shows up, "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

I am really exicted to try out this plug-in, but I just cant!


JooYoung Ham 

marioguttman's picture

hiy7772: We have confirmed that the installer works with Windows 8.  Can you give any more detail about the error message?  Is your Windows configured to US English?  Can you try on another computer?  I'll try to help but don't have any suggestions yet.

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem, what can I do? (also GREVIT msi returns the same DLL error). Thanks.

Win 8.1 64x US

Revit 2014

GH 0.9.0076

Rhino 5

Hi Tim and Mario:

my computer is 32-bit Windows platforms,

I dont know  if there is a x32 version for  Hummingbird 2 ?

i even can not open installation file

thank you:)

marioguttman's picture

sunrise1028: I don't test against 32-bit so I can't say for sure but I don't expect any of it to work.  Sorry.  Time to upgrade.

wlqq_2004's picture

Hi Peirramo, I want to know how to add an arc-based grid from CSV. When I read  the  CSV file in revit,the error is that:

1.One or more errors encountered:

Error in ConvertHbCurve: The vectors end1 and pointOnArc are coincident.
Parameter name: end1.
Inner Error Severity: 
Inner Error Message: 
RowId: 0
ElementId: 268635
Action: Add
Object: Grid
Value01: 40807.37485017, 27341.81432411, 0.00000000
Value02: 17564.64085911, 34487.70888917, 0.00000000
Value03: 30345.42534135, 34685.88249049, 0.00000000

marioguttman's picture

wlqq:  When the ModelBuilder gets three values for a grid it attempts to create an arc.  I'm not sure why you are getting this message since the points don't seem to be the same.  Try editing the .csv file an putting simpler values in.  The order is start, end, middle (I think) I'm a little suspicious of the values since Revit interprets them in feet.  You can adjsut this with the units setting in the ModelBuilder.  These values seem too big and that may be confusing Revit.  If you are still having trouble please post the .csv file.  Mario

wlqq_2004's picture

OK,I have post the file to your E-mail(,it contains the file of rvt,CSV,rhino and grasshopper,please check it.Thank you very much!

alowell's picture

Tim and Mario,

Your product blew my mind. I am so excited to share this with my fellow designers at NBBJ.



marioguttman's picture

Alexis, Your comment made my day.  Be sure to post some images of what you are doing on the site.  Also, I have some involvement with NBBJ through my day job at CASE so be sure connect if you would like some help or want to request a new feature.  Mario

alowell's picture

I most certainly will!'s picture

Hi Tim and Mario,

I am getting two errors while using the installation for the 2013 version of Hummingbird. The first is occurring in Grasshopper - when I click to write floor data to the excel file, it crashes Rhino every time. I don't think I will be needing to use floor data in my project, but it is an issue nonetheless.

Second, and more importantly, I'm getting an error upon activating the Whitefeet plugin in Revit. It says it could not locate the following file:


Could not load file or assembly 'MIcrosoft.Office.Interop.Excel, Version=, Culture+neutral, PublicKeyToken=71ebc111e9429c' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot fine the file specified.


For reference, all files are in the folders specified, and are unblocked. Unfortunately, I am not able to use the 2014 version as our project is locked into 2013.




marioguttman's picture

Alex, You must have Excel 2010 installed to use this version.  Mario

Tim, Mario or users

First time using this plugin.

I am on Rhino 5, Revit 2014 and Excel 2007.

I receive this message upon processing in ModelBuilder.

I am using the MassFamilies component.


One or more errors encountered:

Unable to set parameter
RowId: 2
ElementId: NULL
Action: Modify
Object: ParameterSet
Modifier: NULL
Value01: ParameterName
Value02: ParameterValue


Any thoughts?

My initial thoughts are I am defining the wrong Mass Family Template (generical model adaptive vs mass)?


marioguttman's picture

ffxemaso:  The message means that the process is working correctly up until the point where ModelBuilder is trying to create the object.  this could be the result of the way you are using the tool or a bug in the code.  From the message it appears that the program is trying to set a parameter named "Parameter Name" to the value "ParamterValue".  If you are not using parameters you should remove these elements from the Grasshopper Hummingbird component.  If you do whant to set a parameter be sure that it exists and can accept the data type.

To further anayze:

1. Create a simple example that reproduces the problem.  You can do this by deleting all but a few lines from the .csv file or by using a simpler model in Rhino-GH.

2. Post the .csv file here so I can reproduce the problem in my environment.

Hi Tim.

My problem is a bit different here.. I'm working on a tower and when I tried to use the floors component to write a csv file it throws me an error. 

I'm using Revit 2014, Rhino 5, Excel 2007

here is what gh panel says:

0 Starting Floors

DataAccess.GetData() failed at index: 3

2 DataAccess.GetData() failed at index: 5.

3 DataAccess.GetData() returned data tree with no branches at index :6

4 CsvWriter Version: 2013-08-18 

5 Unable to create or connect to .csv file. Folder must exist and existing file must not be in use.

6 EstablishCsvLink() failed


Please i have spent alot of hours trying to figure this out and I dont what else to do.

Thank you 


Juan P

marioguttman's picture

As noted by some of you the sample data was out-of-date.  I have fixed and reorganized so there are some more examples there as well as the documentation file.  You may want to re-download from  Also, some of you have noted that you will see unused optional inputs showing as an error message.  You can ignore these.

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