HiveKit for Grasshopper



HiveKit is a plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper enabling you to:

  • simulate your complex interactive experience within rhino/grasshopper model;
  • easily program a network of Arduino Due-s, directly from the Grasshopper interface;
  • use advanced distributed algorithms to synchronize and create global behaviors in a large network without the need for a central computer.

HiveKit comprises a virtual machine running on the Arduino Due platform, responsible for several functions: manages the communication between devices, runs the distributed algorithms and listens for new behaviors (via the grasshopper interface). Once a new behavior has been created in Grasshopper and downloaded into one embedded device, the code is virally propagated into the network without any additional configuration steps.

HiveKit features

  • HiveKit allows development of interactive behaviors using networks of Arduino Due-s. No previous knowledge about distributed algorithms or embedded systems programming is required.
  • Once a device in a HiveKit network is programmed with a newer behavior, the code spreads virally to all attached devices.
  • HiveKit includes a distributed synchronization algorithm, making sure that each device has the same notion of time with all other devices in the network.

HiveKit is in active development, but you can already test an alpha release yourself. It works equally well with the free evaluation version of Rhino as with the full one. 

The freeware version has a number of limitations: the granularity for the code execution is 250ms; the firmware on the nodes will stop working after one hour of continuous execution (the nodes become functional again after a hardware reset).

Beta testing program

Interested in using the latest build of the software and helping us improving the features and identifying the shortcomings? Join our beta testing program by sending us an email here. We will get back to you shortly.

We would love to hear your questions, suggestions and remarks! Contact us here:


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Support Email: KY3.A4YKAEA-Y1GU@KLFDDHA@
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HiveKit 1.1
HiveKit 1.1 alpha - fully functional version with one hour continuous operation constraint.  
Version: 1.1
Language: English
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