HAL || Robot Programming & Control

HAL is a Grasshopper plugin for industrial robots programming supporting ABB, KUKA and Universal Robots machines.

Its large library (154 components) allows designers to simulate, program, control and monitor simple or multi-robots cells in near real-time. With its special programming packs covering a large panel of native robot instructions, HAL facilitates the creation of advanced application structures including I/O management, error handling and multi-tasking. Specific tooling packs, for hotwire cutting, milling and pick & place, ease the programming process of innovative fabrication strategies.

HAL is available in two versions:

The free, unlicensed version will allow the user to use the simulation tools, but coding functionalities will not be available.

The licensed version offers full access to simulation and coding functionalities, as well as tooling-specific packs (Advanced Programming, I/O Management, Multi-Robots, Hotwire cutting, Milling, Picking). External axis support and ABB MultiMove programming are optional.

In order to obtain a 1 month full-featured trial license, please send a request email at hal-request@thibaultschwartz.com, containing the informations generated with the "FindMAC.gh" file embedded in the installation package, as explained in this video tutorial.

HAL is fully compatible with Rhino 4 and 5 (x86). The only restriction when using HAL with Rhino 5 x64 is the disabling of real-time controller access functionalities.

NB: Hal is a powerful experimental tool for robot programming, and must be used with great caution. Both access to HAL software, HAL user manual and the use of any information contained therein is entirely the responsibility of the person accessing or using it. Thibault Schwartz is not responsible for any consequence, damage or prejudice resulting from the use or access to these informations.

The complete update log of HAL is available in the Auto-Installer.

Video tutorials to quickly get started are available here.

More informations on http://hal.thibaultschwartz.com/.

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Title Release Notes
HAL 5.0
HAL for ABB, KUKA & Universal Robots. Compatible with Rhino 4, 5, GH 0.9.00xx and above.  
Version: 0.5.0
Language: English
ABB Robot Communication Runtime
Driver for ABB IRC5 controllers. Necessary to use the HAL to ABB Controller component if ABB RobotStudio is not installed.  
Version: 5.15.0
Language: English
License: http://hal.thibaultschwartz.com/purchase/
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