HAL | Robot Programming & Control


HAL | Robot Programming & Control

Advanced robot control since 2011, by HAL Robotics ltd.

All-in-one solution for real-world robotics

HAL is the state-of-the-art Grasshopper plugin for industrial robots programming supporting ABB, KUKA and Universal Robots machines. Start to code and simulate your cell in minutes, with its extendable machine library including 85 high quality virtual robot presets!


Open robotics: access and modify everything, everywhere, anytime

The HAL plugin is the ultimate robot library to allow designers to simulate and program simple or multi-robots cells. With its special programming packages covering a large amount of native robot instructions, HAL facilitates the creation of advanced application structures including I/O management, error handling and multi-tasking. Additional process-specific packages for hotwire cutting, milling and pick & place, ease the programming process of innovative fabrication strategies.

HAL to Controller


Additional real-time control and monitoring features are also available for ABB IRC5 controllers and Universal Robots.

Start simple with 4 components, or build up massive production programs with hundreds of options

HAL is available in two versions:

The free, unlicensed version will allow the user to use the simulation tools, but coding functionalities will not be available.

Simple Definition

The licensed version offers full access to simulation and coding functionalities, as well as process-specific packs (Advanced Programming, I/O Management, Multi-Robots, Hotwire cutting, Milling, Picking). External axis support and ABB MultiMove programming are optional.



In order to obtain a 1 month full-featured trial license, please send a request email at the-team@hal-robotics.com, containing the informations generated with the "FindMAC.gh" file embedded in the installation package, as explained in this video tutorial.

Extensive embedded documentation

With almost a hundred example files and templates, HAL is by far the most documented grasshopper plugin around. Every input, every ouptut is clearly identified and strongly typed so you can now what to do at every step. With hundreds of specific embedded error messages, we make sure that your programming mistakes can always be solved.

Example Files

Example Menu




To get started, you can also access video tutorials on YouTube directly by doing a right click on the components!



Import and reverse-engineer code from other CAM programs in seconds

In order to allow you to exchange data with integrators or others robot specialists, HAL is able to import and reverse-engineer GCode and ABB Rapid into grasshopper components!

Reverse Engineering


OSC Templates for mobile devices

We like to play with machines, and so are you, so in addition to "regular" robot-related features, we also have plenty of goodies packaged in HAL, such as TouchOSC templates for real-time control on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.


Not enough for you?

Get in touch and tell us what you need! We will make sure we can provide a solution.

HAL is fully compatible with Rhino 5 32 and 64 bits.

NB: Hal is a powerful experimental tool for robot programming, and must be used with great caution. Both access to HAL software, HAL user manual and the use of any information contained therein is entirely the responsibility of the person accessing or using it. Thibault Schwartz and HAL team are not responsible for any consequence, damage or prejudice resulting from the use or access to these informations.

The complete update log of HAL is available in the Auto-Installer.

Video tutorials to quickly get started are available here.

More informations on http://www.hal-robotics.com

Support Email: 4FQ.AQGKF2FL-RSU@4SYK-YUK@
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Title Release Notes
ABB Robot Communication Runtime
Driver for ABB IRC5 controllers. Necessary to use the HAL to ABB Controller component if ABB RobotStudio is not installed.  
Version: 6.01
Language: English
HAL 5.3
HAL for ABB, KUKA & Universal Robots. Compatible with Rhino 5 x86 and x64, GH 0.9.007x and above.  
Version: 0.5.3
Language: English
Homepage: HAL Robotics ltd
License: http://www.hal-robotics.com/purchase/


Hi Thibault

i have a problem, after installation  i don't see robotic toolbar in grasshopper.


Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

Hi Pandabic,

The path in the installer should normally not be changed, as it is already the proper folder by default. If you have a custom directory for your grasshopper components set in _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings, then you can also place the library there. If you need more help, please contact us directly via the-team@hal-robotics.com.

Best regards,

Alimgarh Malik's picture

Hi, Thibault Schwartz,there is a some problem with my second tab where there is robot creator icon , there are not all ABB robots that can be found, only ABB_irbt6004 is there.Can you please help me,  my i missing any .dll files or some error is there  ??


Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

Hi, the robot components are now merged into the "robot preset" component.

Hi Thibault

I followed all of your instructions concerning generating a liscence request, but yet have failed to recieve any response regarding said request. 

I'd like to use this program but that's a bit hard if the only person who can distribute the keys to do so is in fact not doing that. Please reply as I'd like to get started using HAL asap.

Hello Thibulat

Amazing. Just getting started with this.

Any more HAL 5 video tutorials in the future? 



In the tutorial video, HAL is installed through an .exe file. Does it mean that HAL 5 is not compatible in mac? as I am using mac version of grasshopper. 

What is the price of the full version license?

Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

Hi Ali,

For commercial requests, please send us a mail at the-team@hal-robotics.com.

Hi Thibault

I do not have the kinematics solver, only the forward and inverse ones

Any ideas? I followed setup vid though am still wiating on license, will it come with this? it is not showing anywhere locked though...


Thanks for any help


Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

Hi Sukriye,

I already replied to your message when you sent it via the youtube channel. Please look at the example file in the IK solver.

Best regards,


I always try to download HAL 5.3, but the download finish without complete the entire .Zip file. I tried many times. Please help me. I need to work with it. Please do the needful. 

Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

It seems that your antivirus does not like the package. Try with different antivirus settings.


I am unable to unzip the package, it says it is empty. I also tried to download and unzip it on my mac to bypass the antivirus but same result. 

Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

Hi Cococool, I just checked and the package is 43Mo and is decompressing properly. Your internet browser is probably integrating some sort of paranoid security, or your antivirus is not deactivated and is causing problems, or your zip manager is defective.

Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

IMPORTANT FIX >> we just fixed 2 other bugs on KUKA (null tool rotations and reference axis system missing in the track solver), we encourage KUKA users to download the setup again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thibault SCHWARTZ's picture

We just fixed a bug in the new version concerning default reference systems for ABB and KUKAs, please download the updated setup!

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