Godzilla.  Simple and Intuitive Robotic Simulation

  • Create simulations from just three Godzilla components and a sequence of planes
  • Build definitions with standard Grasshopper tools
  • All the features you need for robotic simulation
  • All the features you need for real world robot control
  • FORTHCOMING: Simulate with any computer on your network, then send data to the Raspberry Pi code generator and control robots. Code generation for many robots brands. ABB, Universal, Kuka, Staubli etc 
  • Built by RoboFold – leaders in creative robotic development

How do I control how the robot moves?

The robot follows a sequence of planes, so you need to:

  • Obtain planes from Rhino geometry e.g. lines, surfaces, meshes
  • Create planes directly using standard GH tools or scripts


Current Features


  • Multiple robots displayed in parallel
  • Visualise actions, clash detection and axis limits
  • Use scripting to create loops with Python or C#

Robots and tools

  • Use, create, import and export robots and tools
  • Share robots and tools with .rob/.too file format.


  • Monitor actions in real time with heads-up display
  • Custom values e.g. on/off, true/false, numerical values, speed, %’s

Clash detection and axis limits

  • Persistently displayed as colour changes on all affected key-frames
  • Dynamically displayed as colour changes on robots


Forthcoming features

  • Multiple tool-state geometry e.g. open/closed grippers
  • Linear rails and rotary tables
  • Multi-threading for faster clash detection


Licensing Mechagodzilla: the Code Generator

  • Network license, unlimited users
  • Hosted on a Raspberry Pi connected to the robot and LAN
  • Manages multi robot synchronisation


More info, guides, exchange robots and tools: 




  • Software, robots, installation and fabrication
  • robots@robofold.com
  • +44 (0) 20 7737 7760


Copyright RoboFold Ltd. All rights reserved.

Designed by Gregory Epps.

Developed by Florent Michel.

Support Email: 4FQ.PRFOF2FL@AKF2FL@
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Title Release Notes
Godzilla V1.1
Release Notes: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/godzilla/forum/topics/errors-bugs-and-oversights  
Version: 1.1
Language: English
Homepage: RoboFold


RoboFold's picture

Example files now included in the latest release....

RoboFold's picture

Guy, I've seen you make some pretty complex definitions in your time. But you can get this definition running with only 5 components... ;-) -Greg

Plug "Robot" in "Timeline", also plug a "Curve" and "Slider" into "Perpendicular Frames", and into "Timeline" - the curve should be your toolpath, you might need to move this nearer your robot; when there are no orange lines showing on the timeline, you are within range. Hit the play button...

I need a sample file too!thank you !

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You can find the software tutorials here:

guyaustern's picture

but how do I use it? I need a sample file or a tutorial
Keep it up!!


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You can find the software tutorials here:

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