The digital fabrication tools for Grasshopper allows you to handle a lot of tasks when working for production. The different tools improve the ability of Grasshopper to set properties to geometry. Those properties improve your speed of work and create a good workflow from 3d engineering to production.

Moving objects to layers, grouping or colouring them, most of the time you spend on setting up your Rhino Objects for printing, nesting or similar tasks will now be easier then ever.

FabTools consists of different UserObjects. So an installation is not needed and you can drag them directly into Grasshopper. Altough they are not a proper plugin, they have almost the same speed and the look and feel of these components is the same as if a plugin.

Requirements: McNeel Rhinoceros 5.0 or higher with Grasshopper 0.9.xxxx or higher.

Author and Copyright: Florian Frank

Version 0.92:

  • Added AngularDimension Component
  • Added AlignedDimension Component
  • Added DimensionalChain Component
  • Added DiameterDimension Component
  • Added Hatch Component
  • Added TextDot Component
  • Added ViewDirection Component
  • All components had "null" object on the output, when geometry couldn't be converted, this is fixed.
  • Text3d preview was buggy, this works a lot better now.
  • All components, that display special geometry work with a new preview algorithm.


Examples & Tutorials for dimensions coming soon...


Version 0.91:

  • Added Layer Component
  • Added Unroll Component
  • BakeAttributes would set object colour to white, this is fixed
  • BakeAttributes would delete old values if another BakeAttribute is applied later to the same geometry, this is fixed.
  • Lots of geometry types were not available for bake (e.g ArcCurve, Box, TwistedBox, PolyCurve, Line, Circle....), this is fixed.
  • Geometry is beeing converted now, if they're not bakeable or Grasshopper specific.
  • Grasshopper Groups now can be baked. Even nested Groups will be baked.
  • TextEngrave would output polycurves. Now the output is a unique curve without spans.

Support Email: 4FQ.NPRYOTQGR2@3SGLFRO@
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Title Release Notes
FabTools v0.92
New dimension components  
Version: 0.92
Language: Any language
Example files  
Version: 0.91
Language: English
FabTools v0.91
New Layer and Unroll Component + bugfixes  
Version: 0.91
Language: English
License: http://www.blickfeld7.com


vansicek's picture

just want to give a big thank you for this project. we're doing a digital fab project, and it wouldn't be possible without this tool.

also, we were having some major issues with artifacting when unrolling small curves as additional geometries. we knew it was a tolerance issue, but for other reasons that couldn't be adjusted in rhino... then we updated to .95 and realized that you read our minds and added a tolerance component. I can't tell you how helpful this is.

great work! thanks again!

It doesn't install with the latest version of RH and GH. Are there any known issues?


Florian Frank's picture

Hi melkhout,

please try to install the new release 0.95. It works with the newest release of RH and GH. You need an active internet connection while you drop the file onto the GH window.

Hope this helps,


Hello, followed instructions, internet connection working here in China, but still nothing, just drag and drop and the Fabtools menu should appear?

Maybe other conflicting pluggins? Thanks in advance

Hello Frank,

thank you so much. Now it works. Internet connection was the crucial point here. Disabled firewall, now it works.
Thanks again!


JoergG's picture


thanks for sharing this great tool!


Hi there,

I am using Rhino 5 SR10 64 bit and Grasshopper 0.90076.

Installed Fabtools as discribed.

However none of the example files work.

Can you help.

Regards C


Florian Frank's picture

Hi C,

it has been reported to me, that there are some issues with Rhino 5 SR10 and a latest Windows Update of the .NET Runtime. Please check, if you are able to place a new C# script component in Grasshopper, without turning red!

Cheers, FF


can the plugin put my baked objects in different layers?

best regards


Hi what is the password ?? Because it is not functioning.

Best wishes


Florian Frank's picture

Hi Miklos,

if FabTools is not working there is another problem. The password is just there to protect the code. It runs without any password.

Remember you have to have Rhino 5 and a new version of Grasshopper.
Please send me some details of your installation (also via mail) so i can help you, to get it to work.


Hi this is what it says when i am triying to put a component in GH:


Any ideas ?

Best Regards,


Florian Frank's picture

Hi Miklos,

the link of the image you posted is not valid. Did you try, what i suggested in my mail of yesterday? Please contact me directly, so i may solve the issue via Team Viewer, if you like.


Hello everyone.


How do I install this plugin?

I'm quite new with grashopper. Hope you'll understand.






Florian Frank's picture

Hi GamesO,

It's very easy, just drag and drop the files in the zip onto the GH window. But you can also follow the instructions on: http://fabtools.blickfeld7.com/#installation

Hello, congratulations for the plugin.Can the plugin unfold polysurfaces without explode

Florian Frank's picture

Hi dian,

at the moment it's not possible. i hope to add it as an option to the next unroll component release.

Roman Pomazan's picture

This plugin gives a cutting edge on fabrication undoubtedly!

This plugin literally provides features that just i needed! Thank you so much!
Enza's picture

I'm using the advanced bake component. Sometimes it works quite well, but sometimes only a part of the input geometry or nothing at all is baked. How can I fix that?
Best regards,

Florian Frank's picture

Hi Enza,
Sorry for my late reply, somehowe i don't get notified if comments are posted :-(
This issue can be of many reasons. If you have a lot of geometry and use the button to trigger the bake, the hit can interrupt the bake to early and in this case you should try the true/false toggle.
It can also be, that you have some issues with the geometry, that couldn't be converted.

To solve this problem please go to the Grasshopper Group (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/fabtools). Start a discussion and post an example file there, so i can provide you the solution.


Florian Frank's picture

Hi jx1587,
ghuser files are user objects. You can place the files in the User Objects folder of Grasshopper. Read the short description on fabtools.blickfeld7.com.

But the easier way is: just drop the files directly into grasshopper and they're "installed". Once you did that they're ready. A toolbar tab with the name "FabTools" will appear in Grasshopper.


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