FabTools is a set of Clusters, that enhances the ability of Grasshopper. The Tools are for fabrication purposes in Grasshopper and improve your workflow and accelerate your scripting tasks.

  • Bake objects with different attributes.
  • Create: 3D text, text dots, engrave text, point clouds, aligned dimension, angular dimension, diameter dimension, dimensional chains, leader, hatches.
  • Reference: All types of geometries and read their attributes. Read the Rhino groups to a datatree structure in Grasshopper, or load counted geometry to a datatree structure as well.
  • UserData: Read / Write custom user data to all sorts of geometries. This is great for semantics and building information modelling (BIM).
  • Unroll surfaces and breps
  • Create, Delete, Move layouts.
  • Preview geometries in Grasshopper with advanced settings.
  • Capture Rhino viewports to different image file formats.
  • Lots of other useful tools.

Release Notes:

This version is a major update of all components. Lot’s of bugs were fixed and this version of FabTools is much more stable. Lot's of Rhino crashes caused by some code has been fixed.
New 0.96 components:

  • Leader
  • Arc between 2 points
  • Create Point Cloud
  • Create or Modify Block
  • Insert Block Instance
  • Add Layout From Template
  • Add New Layout
  • Change Detail View Object
  • Delete Layout
  • Advanced Geometry Pipeline
  • Get Object Attributes
  • Get Rhino Count
  • Get Rhino Groups
  • Deconstruct Dot
  • Deconstruct Text 3D
  • Add User Data
  • Get User Data
  • Advanced Group
  • Advanced Ungroup
  • Advanced Custom Preview
  • Arrange Geometries
  • Capture View
  • View Plane
  • Write to CSV File
  • Branch at Index

Updated components:
All other FabTools components were reworked from scratch and all known bugs fixed. Please keep reporting and thank you for all the feedback!


  • McNeel Rhinoceros 5x64 SR12 or higher.
  • Grasshopper 0.9.0076 or higher.


  1. Download the "FabTools.zip".
  2. Check your internet connectivity and disable your firewall on rhino.exe for the next step (if necessary)
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file and drag and drop the containing "FabTools.gha" file onto Grasshopper Window.

RhinoCount and LayoutManager Plugin will be installed automatically with Fabtools.blickfeld7 User Objects Installer.

Note: Even if FabTools is a set of User Objects (.ghuser) files, you can install it via the FabTools.gha. Once installed the .gha will take care of the .ghuser files and constantly look for updates. Once an update is available you will get prompted on the start of Grasshopper. By clicking on "Accept" the update will be finished after some seconds, thats it. No need to replace .ghuser files manually anymore ;-)


To completely uninstall FabTools, you have to delete both the FabTools Folder (subfolder of blickfeld7) in Special Folders - Components Folder and Special Folders - User Object Folder

Examples & Tutorials for 0.96 coming soon...

Support Email: 4FQ.NPRYOTQGR2@3SGLFRO@
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Title Release Notes
FabTools v0.96
Lots of new components, major bugfixes  
Version: 0.96
Language: Any language
Example files  
Version: 0.91
Language: English
FabTools v0.91
New Layer and Unroll Component + bugfixes  
Version: 0.91
Language: English
License: http://www.blickfeld7.com



your tools are amazing but I can't install the last update because your gha access internet and in my company the proxy server doesn't allow access to internet to the applications.

Could you give us the ghuser manually as before?


Thank you and have a good day :)

Now that Mac Rhino WIP supports C# components in GH, is there a chance that FabTools will run on Mac? It sure would be nice, these are great tools...



Martin Siegrist's picture

Great new tools!

In the text folder, did you write Deconstuct Dot and Decunstuct Text 3D on purpose?

vansicek's picture

just want to give a big thank you for this project. we're doing a digital fab project, and it wouldn't be possible without this tool.

also, we were having some major issues with artifacting when unrolling small curves as additional geometries. we knew it was a tolerance issue, but for other reasons that couldn't be adjusted in rhino... then we updated to .95 and realized that you read our minds and added a tolerance component. I can't tell you how helpful this is.

great work! thanks again!

It doesn't install with the latest version of RH and GH. Are there any known issues?


Florian Frank's picture

Hi melkhout,

please try to install the new release 0.95. It works with the newest release of RH and GH. You need an active internet connection while you drop the file onto the GH window.

Hope this helps,


Hello, followed instructions, internet connection working here in China, but still nothing, just drag and drop and the Fabtools menu should appear?

Maybe other conflicting pluggins? Thanks in advance

Hello Frank,

thank you so much. Now it works. Internet connection was the crucial point here. Disabled firewall, now it works.
Thanks again!


JoergG's picture


thanks for sharing this great tool!


Hi there,

I am using Rhino 5 SR10 64 bit and Grasshopper 0.90076.

Installed Fabtools as discribed.

However none of the example files work.

Can you help.

Regards C


Florian Frank's picture

Hi C,

it has been reported to me, that there are some issues with Rhino 5 SR10 and a latest Windows Update of the .NET Runtime. Please check, if you are able to place a new C# script component in Grasshopper, without turning red!

Cheers, FF


can the plugin put my baked objects in different layers?

best regards


Hi what is the password ?? Because it is not functioning.

Best wishes


Florian Frank's picture

Hi Miklos,

if FabTools is not working there is another problem. The password is just there to protect the code. It runs without any password.

Remember you have to have Rhino 5 and a new version of Grasshopper.
Please send me some details of your installation (also via mail) so i can help you, to get it to work.


Hi this is what it says when i am triying to put a component in GH:


Any ideas ?

Best Regards,


Florian Frank's picture

Hi Miklos,

the link of the image you posted is not valid. Did you try, what i suggested in my mail of yesterday? Please contact me directly, so i may solve the issue via Team Viewer, if you like.


Hello everyone.


How do I install this plugin?

I'm quite new with grashopper. Hope you'll understand.






Florian Frank's picture

Hi GamesO,

It's very easy, just drag and drop the files in the zip onto the GH window. But you can also follow the instructions on: http://fabtools.blickfeld7.com/#installation

Hello, congratulations for the plugin.Can the plugin unfold polysurfaces without explode

Florian Frank's picture

Hi dian,

at the moment it's not possible. i hope to add it as an option to the next unroll component release.

Roman Pomazan's picture

This plugin gives a cutting edge on fabrication undoubtedly!

This plugin literally provides features that just i needed! Thank you so much!
Enza's picture

I'm using the advanced bake component. Sometimes it works quite well, but sometimes only a part of the input geometry or nothing at all is baked. How can I fix that?
Best regards,

Florian Frank's picture

Hi Enza,
Sorry for my late reply, somehowe i don't get notified if comments are posted :-(
This issue can be of many reasons. If you have a lot of geometry and use the button to trigger the bake, the hit can interrupt the bake to early and in this case you should try the true/false toggle.
It can also be, that you have some issues with the geometry, that couldn't be converted.

To solve this problem please go to the Grasshopper Group (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/fabtools). Start a discussion and post an example file there, so i can provide you the solution.


Florian Frank's picture

Hi jx1587,
ghuser files are user objects. You can place the files in the User Objects folder of Grasshopper. Read the short description on fabtools.blickfeld7.com.

But the easier way is: just drop the files directly into grasshopper and they're "installed". Once you did that they're ready. A toolbar tab with the name "FabTools" will appear in Grasshopper.


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