EvoluteTools LITE


Designing and optimising panel layouts made easy


EvoluteTools LITE is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive design of panelizations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh *optimization. Meshes can be optimized for closeness to a reference surface, fairness (smoothness) of its polylines and several other goals. No strings attached: unlimited mesh size at no cost. When you run the plugin for the first time a registration window will appear asking for your email address, where you will automatically receive your license key.

*Warning: use it with caution, optimizing meshes can become addictive !

  • multi-resolution mesh modeling
  • global and local subdivision rules
  • specification of vertices as anchor/corner points
  • mesh editing tools
  • mesh optimization for:
    • closeness to reference surfaces
    • fairness
    • sphere packings
  • hybrid meshes (mixtures of triangles, quads, pentagons, hexagons, ...)
  • modeling and optimization of N-gon meshes (PolyMeshes)
  • analysis modes:
    • closeness to a reference object
    • planarity of panels
    • edge length distribution


Please use the following forum for posting your questions: 


Support Email: KS.YKHRF1Y@KLFDDHA@
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Average: 4.3 (29 votes)
Title Release Notes
EvoluteTools Lite (64&32bit)
EvoluteTools Lite is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive design of panelizations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh optimization. Rhino4 and Rhino5 @ 64 and 32 bit compatible release.  
Version: 2.5.17
Language: English
EvoluteTools Documentation
EvoluteTools Documentation in PDF format  
Language: English
EvoluteTools Primer
Written by Kris Hammerberg, the Primer is intended to be the ultimate starting point for new users of EvoluteTools, as well as a reference for more experienced users.  
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
Homepage: Evolute


I tried too uninstall evolute tools at the end of the trial.

The problème is that i can't import stl no more :(

please help me.

Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi, if you installed using a Windows installer package (msi), simply deinstall EvoluteTools from the Windows control panel. In case you installed from a zip file, please simply remove or rename the folder you loaded the EvoluteTools plugins from. 

Thanks it worked :)

is this program free or do i need to buy a liscense? if there is a trial how long does that trial last?


Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi, EvoluteTools LITE is free. 

jj.zhu's picture

Hey body,i have installed ET Lite for two ways.Firstly,i dragged all files into folder of rhino's plugins and double clicking the .rhp file and loaded Evalutemeshingtools;secondly,i dragged .rhp and .tb into the rhino window...but neither did the evalute tools lite toolbar show,and it didn't remind to regist,i was confused for a long time,can you help me ?or show me the right way to installed the amazing software,thanks a lot,i am really looking forward to your reply!my email:475752499@qq.com,thanks again.

Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi, please proceed as follows: 

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to a location of your preference.
  2. Start Rhino, drag & drop all Rhino plugin files onto it (EvoluteMeshingTools.rhp, etc). As an alternative, use the plugin manager of Rhino. 
  3. The toolbar should be loaded automatically, if not please drag & drop the toolbar. 
  4. Click one of the buttons, a registration window will pop up. Enter your email address and a license will be sent to it. 
jj.zhu's picture

hi,Gmbh,thanks for your help sincerely!i got it!

hi...I load the plugin correct...Evolute tools toolbars are showen...but when I click on it this message is showen:for example

Unknown command: etSetVertexFixed or

Unknown command: etAnalyzeCloseness and etc

Evolute GmbH's picture

Please have a look into the plugin manager whether EvoluteTools LITE has been loaded correctly, the plugin manager should show you a list of commands as well. 


I`m having an issue with receiving the license number by e-mail. Requested it about an hour ago and it won`t come...


Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi Thomas, please check your spam folder, if you can't find our automated email containing your serial number there please send us an email to support@evolute.at. 


i have a problem with installation of the plug in.

I tried dragging the folder to the rhino plugins file.. it didn't show in the program.
I tried dragging the tb. file into the program's windows, it still didn't show.
so i personally loaded it from the toolbars in options, so it showed, but when i tried using it, it would give me unknown command.
I removed the toolbar, deleted the file, re-downloaded and installed it, and still no change at all.
anyone knows how to fix this?

Evolute GmbH's picture

Dear All,  

please post your questions on our new forum component:


The comment section on Food4Rhino has limited functionality and it is hard to navigate for users in order to find similar problems. The new forum has a better search option in order to avoid double posting and to be able to get help quicker.

Thank you for your understanding.


This plug-in looks amazing and I am so looking forward to having my hands on it. I have downloaded the Lite version for Rhino 4. There are 2 folders. But there's no set up file or instruction on how to load and make it work. I appreciate your help. 

Evolute GmbH's picture

There are instructions in the help file, basically just drag and drop the .rhp and .tb files in your Rhino window.

Thanks for the reply. There's no help file in neither of the two folders in the zip file that downloaded from the site. There are 3 .rhp files, Evolute Export, Import and Meshing Tools. None can be dragged into my Rhino 4. 

Evolute GmbH's picture

The help file should be a .chm file in the 32 bit and 64 bit folders. If it is not there it means the download was incomplete, please re-download the archive. Rhino4 is 32 bit, so only the 32bit version will work with Rhino4. Please try again with the correct builds (for Rhino4 use the 32bit version).


When I tried to install de plug-in 64x I got the following message:

"The plug-in couldn't be loaded: Initialization error."

Then I tried the 32x version and Rhino has closed.

I'm currently working with Rhino4 in a 64bit system (windows 7).
Do you knou what the problem could be?

Thank you very much.

Evolute GmbH's picture

Could you please specify which Rhino SR you are using? We usually test the builds on the latest service releases. 

Hi, great plugin! I'm just trying doing the same examples of the tutorial Plug-in video and I have some problems with the ET Optimize command that doesn't work.

I'm working on the second shape of the video and when I have to optimize the mesh, I click the ET Optimize button but the mesh doesn't change. 

What is going wrong? some mistakes of mine during Installation? or is it a trial version?

help me,


Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi Matteo,

maybe you haven't set a reference surface ? Or accidentally set all vertices as fixed ? We can't tell for sure without more information. ET LITE is free to use, there is no trial.



Ukko's picture

This comment has been deleted.

Evolute GmbH's picture

Dear Ukko, please make sure the unzipped folder containing the plugin is writable. Otherwise Rhino can not save your toolbar settings. 

Hi all! I just found an unusual fix for the unrar-ing of this file on Windows 7 x64. Thanks for the plug-in; it's phenomenal already!

1)Find EvoluteToolsLite.zip in Explorer and right-click.

2)Click "Open with" then choose Windows Explorer.

3)You are now able to extract the folders using the "Extract All Files" option in the Top-Toolbar.

4)If while extracting it says it can't extract a file, simply click "Try Again" until it does extract. Keep doing this for all files that wont extract the first time.


I had to Try Again 7 times at the most for one file, but the majority took 2 tries. Works perfectly afterwards


Hope this helps. 

Unfortunately the same problem as last time, I can't unzip the file.

See may post: Submitted by Amadeus22 on Wed, 2013-12-11 10:52.

Hi everyone ~~ How to install this plugin for rhino5 ?

Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi, just download it, unpack the zip file, and drag&drop EvoluteMeshingTools.rhp to the Rhino window. 

Cheers, the Evolute team

Dear Evolute Tools,

Thank you for making this awsome tool. Unfortunatly I am being confronted with some problems. I have made a surface trough phisycal formfinding. Now this model is not suitable for paneling because of its irragular isocurves. I want to remodel the surface with evolute tool but for some reason it does not work properly. Where can I get some help on this?


kind regards,




Evolute GmbH's picture

Dear Yasser, 

many thanks for your comment. Could you explain in more detail the problem you are facing? 

Kind regards,


I downloaded, unzipped and got it to run about a month ago. Not much help to you but the zip package I had did work. I would check the unzipper you are using, I was using winzip 

EvoluteToolsLite.zip:The archive is either in unknowod format or damaged. Any advice?

Evolute GmbH's picture

Just replaced the zip-file using a different zip-encoder, please try again. 

Evolute GmbH's picture

Just tested it, seems to work without problems on our side. Which zip program are you using? Could you try another one? We use the zip program which is integrated in Windows to create the packages. 

Downloaded again, tried winzip, winrar, still not working :(.. Thank you anyway..

I can't unzip the file EvoluteToolsLite: unknown format or file corrupt.

Used WinZip V.18 and WinRAR

Any idea?

Same problem here.

Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi Amadeus,

we tested the archive and it looks fine at our end. It is possible that the download was incomplete. We will send you a dropbox link.



Hi there

I'm trying to mesh a surface, (its ~100,000mm quite large and units are mm) and when try set the reference object I get the warning

'The document tolernace seems to be relatively low given the size of the selected object.......'

I've increased the ET Optimise Options Toggle values to 1000 and still get the message. Am I gong the right thing?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Many thanks





Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi Stephen,

his message is just a warning that meshing might be slow. Please either ignore it, or if increase the unit absolute tolerance if meshing takes too long. Please let us know if this was helpful. 

Best regards, 


Hi, I just downloaded the LITE version and whenever I click on any of the tools, rhino immediately becomes unresponsive and crashes.  Any tips?  I have Rhino 4

Jessesn's picture

Hi Bwaite

Pls Unzip your download file, then drop the EvoluteToolsForRhino.rhp to your Rhino viewprot, then the toolbar of EvoluteTools will be available.

Enjoy it!


Yeah, I did that, and the tools are available, but whenever I try to use them it crashes rhino.

Thanks for the reply

Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi bwaite, 

could you re-download and try if the problem persists? Are you using the latest service release of Rhino 4 (SR9)? 

Best wishes

Jessesn's picture

Hi Bwaite

Can you tell me what version of Rhino are you useing? the latest version of Rhino 5 is SR6, pls updated it if you do not have. Pls follow the crash prompt to report your question while your Rhino crash again, it is very useful for us to figure out it.



install problem


i follow the instruction of installation and the evolute works pretty well.

the only problem is that I have activate the license everyday coz the generated serialsnumber could not be save!

I was thinking it could be problem if I have to keep license local(?)

(I have installed evolute pro earlier but the license for pro was expired)

any sugguestion?




Evolute GmbH's picture

Hi Frank,

once entered, the serial number is written in a file in the C:\ProgramData\Evolute    folder. If EvoluteTools asks you for the license key everytime you run it, it means Windows does not allow you to write in that folder, it is probably blocked by the system or you don't have write privileges for the 'ProgramData' folder. This folder is usually hidden from the users so you would have to check the folder options to have it displayed. It is also possible that a Antivirus or Security program is preventing the file to be written, or deletes it after closing Rhino, please check that and add an exception if necessary.

syl1130's picture

Hi,can you fix the new plugins to load in Rhino5 SR6 version?

I can't load in Rhino5 sr6.Please help me.

Thank you!

Evolute GmbH's picture

Unfortunately we cannot replicate this problem, we tested EvoluteTools Lite in both 32 and 64 bit versions and they run well on the latest Rhino service release. What is the exact error you are getting ? Please try to download again, as we uploaded a more recent build yesterday.


Hi, I have a problem with Optimize command. After followed each of steps showed in the video, I clicked the Optimize button and found there is nothing changed on the meshbox. There is a sentence in command windlow-" Optimization converged, no more changes were done to the mesh."

I reset up the "Optimization option importance", and changed the FairnessSprings(F)=2  FairnessCurvature(A)=2. Sometimes it was worked, but sometimes it still said -" Optimization converged, no more changes were done to the mesh."

And I tried the second case. All of steps are ok, and I am sure that I chose the top opening edge as a anchor edge. But the final result was a totally flat tent. 

Can you help me to fix those two problems? Thanks a lot.

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