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eVe | voronax

eVe|voronax is a plug-in used for the generation of Voronax structures. It is a specific type of structure obtained when a Voronoi diagram is “relaxed” over a free form surface. Voronax is developed by Milos Dimcic at the Stuttgart University in 2008 as a part of his PhD thesis. If you want to see a nice explanation of what Voronax actually is and why it is great, you should check out our videos. For more information you can also download the entire PhD thesis in the Publications section of our website (web address below) .

The plug-in uses one Command (eve_voronax) - one Dialog - see our manual for detailed instructions. You can download the plug-in also from our website: http://www.programmingarchitecture.com

The plug-in is released under the Creative Commons license. Please give credit where credit is due. If you want to use it for commercial purposes you have to contact us first at eve@programmingarchitecture.com.

The plug-in does not come with an installer - it is a single Rhino plug-in file (.rhp). So just Drag & Drop it or install it from the Tools/Options/Plug-ins.

·         Check out the video that explains what is this all about.

·         Visit as at http://www.programmingarchitecture.com and check out the projects we are working on now.

Give us your feedback and have fun with it!

Milos Dimcic



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Title Release Notes
eve | voronax
This is the first, beta release, of eve|voronax. Please test it, share it and give us your feedback. If there are some problems let us know so we can fix them. This is the 64 bit version that works only on Rhino 5.  
Version: Beta
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
    See video
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/


Well.. Nice presentation :D

how do you use this is their any tutorials that take me step by step

what is a holed surface?


Programming Architecture's picture

In the zip file is a pdf that should definitely get you started.


where can I find voronax for 32 bits?? 

My rhino crash everytime I try to select the target surface. What can I do? Excelent plug-in anyway.Version 5 SR7 64-bit.

roses8's picture

Oh wow, this is a really great plugin. Thank you very much

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