eVe | sun

eVe | sun

eVe|sun is a plug-in used for shadow analysis with a slightly different approach. The plug-in enables you to set the sun position for any time interval and calculate shadows that multiple points|curves|surfaces throw on surfaces. Instead of standard ray-tracing method used for renderings it uses extrusions and intersection, thus enabling you to extract shadows and analyse its properties (position, length, area, etc...). This analysis can enable energy efficient and creative design.

It uses one Command (eve_sun) - one Dialog - see our manual for detailed instructions. You can download the plug-in also from our website: http://www.programmingarchitecture.com .

The plug-in is released under the Creative Commons license. Please give credit where credit is due. If you want to use it for commercial purposes you have to contact us first at eve@programmingarchitecture.com.

The plug-in does not come with an installer - it is a single Rhino plug-in file (.rhp). So just Drag & Drop it or install it from the Tools/Options/Plug-ins.

  • Check out the video that explains what is this all about.

We used these techniques to make an interesting software that calculates shadows for solar tracker thus enabling efficient design of solar power plants.

  • Visit as at http://www.programmingarchitecture.com and check out the projects we are working on now.

Give us your feedback and have fun with it!

Milos Dimcic


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Title Release Notes
eve|sun 1.00 64 bit
This is the first official release of eve|sun. Please test it, share it and give us your feedback. This is the 64-bit version that works on Rhino 5.  
Version: 1.00 64bit
Language: English
eve|sun beta
This is the first, beta release of eve|sun. Please test it, share it and give us your feedback. This is the 32 bit version that works on Rhino 4 and 32 bit version of Rhino 5. After the beta testing is done we will release the 64 bit version too.  
Version: Beta
Language: English
eve|sun 1.00 32bit
This is the first official release of eve|sun. Please test it, share it and give us your feedback. This is the 32 bit version that works on Rhino 4 (and 32 bit version of Rhino 5).  
Version: 1.00
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/


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Mac version?


Does this work on MAC?

mfranny's picture

I tried all 3 versions on my Rhino for Mac 5.1 I can't seem to open it, drag and drop, nor does my version of Rhino have the Tools->Options->Plug-ins function. Is there some problem with the Mac version? I've tried so many ways to just do a simple sun study in this program and I'm getting nowhere. Please help

I have a 64 bit rhino 5, i downloaded and attempted to install the plug in  by copying the rph into the program files  and through the tools pannel both attempts  failed. Has anyone else encountered and solved this problem?


So far so good. THANKS! This is amazing, better than having to export into sketchup when rhino is super useful for my project right now.

The sun vector popped up on my first try when I set the sun to a specific hour. But I haven't been able to get it to pop back up again, suggestions?

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Thank yoy so mutch 


Thanks a lot, I will try.



I can't install the plug-in on Rhino 5 64bit. Any known problems?!

Programming Architecture's picture


no problems so far... What SR do you have? You sure you downloaded the 64bit version of eve? Have you tried installing it on another computer?






Problem solved, I was trying 64bit on 32bit Rhino. Thank you


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Thanks! Glad we could help...

Just a short advice - the Thorough Check option in the Advanced Settings is turned on by default... However, if the calculation happens to be going slowly or the Rhino crashes, try doing the calculation without this option and see if it works...This happens sometimes with complicated surfaces and this problem will hopefully be solved it the next release...

And always remember to explode polysurfaces if there are any problems with the results...

Best regards!

Milos Dimcic

Great thx for USEFULL thing.

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