BrickDesign enables the controlled design and manipulation of a large amount of discrete elements.  The plug-in provides a parametric design environment, which allows for a fast build-up of brick façade geometries, which can easily be adapted to changing design intentions and requirements. The core concept of the software is that the brick unit is the basis for every action performed. Basically, a design is generated through drawing, placing and manipulating individual bricks. BrickDesign offers different methods to manipulate the individual bricks in order to map patterns on a façade. These methods can be extended ad libitum through an open script interface, which gives access to a number of brick parameters.


·         intuitive design of a large set of small, discrete elements

·         fully parametric data model

·         create design  variants fast and easy

·         integration of user defined details

·         expandability through scripting interface

·         complete integration into design and planning process

·         automatic generation of basic fabrication data

The free version of BrickDesign is limited to 10’000 bricks per file and the scripting interface is disabled. You can subscribe to a full commercial licence for 299.- Swiss Francs per year from within the software. For a non-commercial licence, please contact

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Title Release Notes
New URL's. Added a Grasshopper example. Performance improvements creating meshes.  
Language: English
BrickDesign 1.1.1.x
- was released in january 2013  
Language: English
User Manual
This manual covers the basic features of BrickDesign. Further documents covering the scripting interface can be found in the 'doc'-folder of your BrickDesign installation.  
Version: 1.1.x
Language: English
Homepage: ROB Technologies


Rhino crashes every time I switch from Parametric mode to Frozen mode, even in files that previously had no issues. I just recently downloaded a Plug-in called Rhino3DPRINT (made by MecSoft Corporation) and I'm not sure if there's some sort of compatability issue, or if the crashing is even related to the new plug-in, but I never had this problem before getting the Rhino3DPRINT plug-in. The two did work fine together for a couple of days. Rhino (64bit) and Rhino3DPRINT are both up to date and I have version of BrickDesign (not sure how to update if needed). Why is this happening?!

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you get an update alert once you start brickdesign and an update is available, but it seems you ae using the latest version.

do you get anny error message when rhino crashes?

I stopped Rhino3DPRINT from loading when I start Rhino and that solved the problem. There's definitely some sort of compatability issue, but as long as I don't use the two plugins at the same time it's fine.

Is there a student license? How do I get the non-commercial license? I'd like to use some of the features of the full verson for my thesis project. I sent an email to a week ago and didn't get a response.

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hi mstuessy,

sorry for the late reply. seems that the email account was inactive. Please contact us again at to optain a non-commercial license.




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where i can learn this plug-in? any online tutorials for it?

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-Fixes an annoying bug (new actions failed) introduced with 

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-New Layer Structure, all modelling objects will be moved into layer bd_bricks

-Old projects will be updated

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-Unicode Support

-Fixed absolute path in action chain

-Editor now shows object correctly for first usage of bddetail

-bdlib_detail with non-default format fixed


Hi ROB Technology,

I am very excited that I found what I was looking for.

Exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for this excellent plugin.

How can I combine a 9x6x3 with a 9x3x3 bricks in my Custom Detail_1. We call it buttress (like a column reinforcement)

Can I do this with a full liscence?

I also need to combine in one row different options:

full size, half size space, a quarter size, two half sizes together (one is bonded and the other is loose brick. Should I explode in one row?

The name for the Format_1 it doesn't accept FR-1 only accept FR_1.

Can we accommodate any name convention?

Is this part of the commercial liscence?

How much in US Dollars the plugin?

I am very interested in buying it. I just need this questions to be answered. I have the approval from my boss to buy it. 

Thanks, sincerely Sam Lazcano

Can I install it in Mac Yosemite?


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NO, sorry, only Windows for now.

thank you~

How can I erase brick somewhere in the centre of the wall without exploding the whole wall

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There are three ways to create holes in a wall.

The easiest is to use the Action DeleteBricks. The Bricks get deleted when the model is baked.

If you want to see the deleted bricks in the modelling world you would need to introduce a special window detail and create a small window.

The third method is available through scripting.

Can you change the dimensions of the brick at all?


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Yes, you can define custom brick dimensions. In the menu go to BrickDesign/Editors/Formats. There you can define length and width. BrickDesign/Editors/LayerGrids allows you to define the layer height. You can find more information in the user manual on page 23/24.

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Installation tip for the full version:

Since the licence file is stored in the same folder like the plugin you must have write access to this folder. So you better install the BrickDesign plugin to a local data folder.


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-Always saves the order of the actions in their chain.

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You'll have this feature in the fully licenced product. It is a text export plugin in the action chain. You can also write your own export plugins in the fully licenced product.

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Hi everybody,

does anyone knows how to get the coordinates of each individual brick, like the centroid, etc?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for this super plugin! I enjoy!

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-Supports relative paths in action chain.

-Fixes DeleteBricks Tolerances

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-Fixes an error after deleting a custom detail.

-Fixes selecting bricks with Projection flag on.

-No Errors if online validation is failing

-Changes to DeleteBricks action.

-bdcomponents fix for .Net 4.5 (full version only)

-performance of Export2Rhino (full version only)

ROB Technologies's picture -Fixes loading of corrupted BrickDesign files -bdlib_detail_replace does not produce corrupted files anymore  
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Sub-Release Fixes DeleteBricks Action.
Thanks ROB for the user manual! Are there also any video tuts?
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Hi Ivan, sorry, so far we did not get around to produce any video tutorials, but that is one thing on our agenda. best, Tobias

Thank you for this super plugin! I enjoy!

ROB Technologies's picture fixes the 3d-Deform Action!


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