New version for rhino 5 here

Auxpecker is an easy and free solution to get a pleasing realtime preview of objects directly on the viewport of Rhino3D v4.0. It is simply based on the use of environment maps; making viewport objects reflect in ways that reproduce / approximate the look of various materials. This technique is not meant as a preview for rendering in association with any render engine. It is a stand-alone method for communicating very pleasantly, in realtime, projects to your client.

Auxpecker 1.1 comes with a complete collection of pre-installed material maps and a plug-in for Rhino 4 allowing you an easier selection and us of the maps.

How to install Auxpecker plug-in?

  • Install the Auxpecker folder in the rhino 4.0 plugin directory. Run rhino and go to Tools/Options and Plug-ins. Click on the install button and load Auxpecker.rhp.
  • In Rhino, go to Tools/Toolbar Layout. Click on file and open Auxpecker.tb. Make the main toolbar active.

How to use Auxpecker plug-in?

  • Select your object or part.
  • Choose a material maps.
  • Apply the material by clicking the icon at the top left corner of the Auxpecker library windows.


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Title Release Notes
Auxpecker 1.1
update to 1.1  
Language: English
Homepage: mixexpereince
License: free



I have loaded the plug-in but the apply materials button does not work. It is yellow not blue like in the video

Thanks, Dan

mixexperience's picture

what video?


this video

in my case the apply material button is yellow. I am assuming this means something is wrong. I am also new to Rhino so I may not have my settings correct. I have installed ver. 2. The materials show up when I render but not in the viewport. Would love to be able to use Auxpecker so your help is appreciated.


I have tried to setup the program in RHINO 5 (64 X) but WHEN i check the TOOLS/Toolbar Layour the plugin is missing

I need your advice

Thank you



randyi's picture

I am seeing the same problem.  I tried 'unblocking' the zip file in properties thinking that might be it, to no avail.  I would go to the trouble of registering if i thought that would help but i doubt it very much.

mixexperience's picture

Sorry I did not understand your problema.Ma you can download the new version for rhino 5 from here:

I have registered (I think so) but every thing was just Italian (I guess), and I didn't get the download link? What should I do now ?

they sent me an email and in this email it has been written, that I will get a second email to download!!


please help 


maybe I'm just to unpatient. I filled out the formular three times, my e-mai has been validated where it says there will be another e-mail with more information. I did not received a mail yet. I send an questionaire to the support.....

mixexperience's picture

sorry for the inconvenience you have, we try to answer the question you send a private email with your login information 


thx for food4rhino, great website and good Stuff. I do have problems with AuxPecker. I tried three times to create an account, they say that they will send me an e-mail for validation. I waited for weeks and did not receive any login-mail. I tried it from my Homeoffice and from office with different adresses, no reply.  Is there another location where I can download the tool. Must be great because everybody is using it. Thx in advance

mixexperience's picture

I need your email in order to understand the problem 
registrations are handled manually and controlled all data users who do not write correctly the data is not accepted eg 
"qwert asdf to zxce or blah blah blah"

JeffK's picture

Anyone knows why the render comes too bright? How do I fix it?

mixexperience's picture

You entered the lights?

Robotech75's picture

Ciao se avete ancora problemi mandarmi una foto per capire cosa non funziona dammi il tuo indirizzo email.

K4rl33's picture

Gentile Riccardo.

Ho provato ad installare Auxpecker su Rhino 5 64bit. L'installazione del programma è andata a buon fine, tuttavia non riesco ad aggiungervi i materiali. Compare una mascherina di caricamento che non scompare più.

Spero tu possa essermi d'aiuto. Saluti.

mixexperience's picture

Il tempo di importazione è abbastanza lungo deve importare circa 130 mega ,ma controllo il codice sorgente di auxpecker per vedere che non ci siano errori.
Eventualmente cambia l'estensione in .zip e scomparta la cartella poi metti la dentro materialrt

rtlyric's picture

i've seen in your italy official website, you've release a new version 2.0, so can you put the link on this website? (it's a little bit hard for me to download form Italy web.)

mixexperience's picture

is pending approval

mixexperience's picture

to remove auxpecker,
  close rhino
  and erase or delete the folder

adidas023's picture

how to remove or uninstall the auxpecker 2.0 ? I want to make the default rending display with layer.

mixexperience's picture

excuse the delay in reply
short-released the new version (2.0)
and will have a command to export the images
for more information go to

erazmataz's picture

Hi Xericcardo. I enjoy your plugin very much: for fast feedback during 3D modeling and for prerendering and documentation of the designprocess. The only thing I am really missing out is the ability to support transparent background (Alpha Channel) while saving to a PNG/TIF-file. Rhinoceros supports this in RhinoRender, - but Auxpecker does NOT.
I'm teaching Rhinoceros, T-Splines and CNC-milling at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Denmark. Kind Regards Tim/Erazmataz

alkrever's picture

What is your recommended way to make new material maps for

mixexperience's picture

Currently there are no new maps

rtlyric's picture

Hi, this is a good plu-in , i like it to express my pre-render.
but i want to get more maps so that i can show my pictures better.
So how can I get more maps ?

Casy's picture

Hi! It looks like a very cool plugin.
hovewer, it do not work on my and some other ccomputers. Can it be couse of rhinocommon in new versions?

A propas, is there any chance to connect it to grasshopper?

mixexperience's picture

Auxpecker non verrà più sviluppato al suo posto verrà proposto Spirit una versione con molte nuove funzioni e oltre 800 mappe
Ciao Riccardo

Kristian's picture

I think this is a great little plug-in. And it's free for us to enjoy!
You can also use the material pictures from Auxpecker directly in your own custom shading mode. I use this both when surface modeling and giving Rhino courses. It gives a crisp look and makes shapes easy to read in poorly lit conditions (when using a projector for instance).

mixexperience's picture

mi fa molto piacere sarebbe bello vedere qualche immagine
Ciao Riccardo

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