Auxpecker 2.0

Plug-In for: Rhino 5 for Windows


Auxpecker Studio is an easy and free solution to get a pleasing realtime preview of objects directly on the viewport of Rhino3D v5.0. It is simply based on the use of environment maps,texture, ecc; making viewport objects reflect in ways that reproduce / approximate the look of various materials. This technique is not meant as a preview for rendering in association with any render engine. It is a stand-alone method for communicating very pleasantly, in realtime, projects to your client.
In this version there are new features and improvements.
  • new maps redefined and expanded in number and types
  • new GUI
  • new menu for the management of sight
  • image capture
  • management of the transparency
  • management of the reflection
  • management of soft colors of the background
  • Modification of the materials and rescue
  • compatibility with neon (shadows and reflection)
  • New display settings with the possibility to change the background of auxpeckerArtistic
  • check for Updates
  • possibility of applying the material to the level
  • Export / import of materials
  • and much more ....
Auxpecker 2.0 comes with a complete collection of pre-installed material maps and a plug-in for Rhino 5.0 allowing you an easier selection and us of the maps.
For Download maps
1) First of all you have to register to Mxp3d
Signing up allows you to stay up to date on mixexpereince
Update on
new tools
tutorials and tips
new maps

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Title Release Notes
Auxpecker 2.0
new maps redefined and expanded in number and types new GUI image capture check for Updates possibility of applying the material to the level Export / import of materials  
Version: 2.0
Language: English
Auxpecker Studio 32 bit
- Created setup file - New command AuxVideo - New command AuxVideo3d - Created a website dedicated bug fix For correct operation, you must remove or rename the old version before installing auxpecker  
Language: English
Auxpecker Studio 64 bit
- Created setup file - New command AuxVideo - New command AuxVideo3d - Created a website dedicated bug fix For correct operation, you must remove or rename the old version before installing auxpecker  
Language: English
AuxVideo> create a movie from the tiltView selected view Under Options, you can add two folders of materials Varius bug fix  
Language: English
Varius Bug Fix  
Language: English
Plug-In videos:
Homepage: Mixexperience


Can you please assist me in attaining the materials? When I follow to the facebook page the downloads would not work.

My email is


Thank you

Armen3d's picture


 I downloaded auxpecker and like to get the Materials but I dont have a facebook account.Is there any other way you can tell me how to download or to get the intire material lybrary?


thank you 



plllus's picture

Are you planning on working on a mac version?

mixexperience's picture

no for mac will not be made



How do I fully uninstall auxpecker?


After uninstalling and deleting it from every location, I still have the auxpecker background in my rhino viewport and I am unable to override the background with native Rhino settings.

Please help me as this is becoming a major nuisance.


Thank you

mixexperience's picture

the background was removed before uninstalling auxpecker.
Try typing:

-_GradientView _state=_oFF _ENTER

Thought I downloaded everything correctly. Moved all files to Rhino Plug in folder and got Auxpecker to load into Rhino fine, but missing materials map. Maybe a step by step from someone who has done it would be great. Program seems great just can't get it to work.

mixexperience's picture

you can download the materials from here
you must download the entire folder

chrisfollowsfrom's picture

Installing Auxpecker 2.0 causes some strange result in Grasshopper:

It changes the color of some bars in the Grasshopper Interface:

Please see the image:

and refer to this post:

mixexperience's picture

we saw the problem we try to solve it in the next version

Downloaded Auxpecker 2.0 and the map library is empty. 

Not sure what to do since the link redirects me to a Facebook group.

Requested access anyway.

What should I do?

Plugin goes without material maps. How can i get them?

mixexperience's picture

Hi, could not register as the site redirects to a facebook group. I've sent a request to join the fb group in case that's a requesite. Would love to keep using auxpecker in V5. My email is

My account could not run.. may be it is not activated of you or the link to download shaders/textures does not work.. my password is not accepted inspite of sucessful registration.. Kind regards:


Hello there,

I would like confirmation on the site, my email is

I have auxpecker 2 for rhnio 5, but my library is empty, it says i need to download it from that site.

Thank you !

I need the confirmation as well.

mixexperience's picture

Your account has been active for more than 4 months.
Check that the confirmation email is not in spam.
Otherwise request new password


I think this has great potential, but unfortunately, I can't use it. The website to register is broken and I can't get past the non-functioning captcha. I've also emailed a couple of times and haven't received any response (after several weeks now). Is this still an active plug-in?

mixexperience's picture

users are manually approved 
are not approved users who do not complete the form correctly 
and the captcha is case sensitive 
try again to join 

can you send me the conformation email?
I'm sick of waiting for this thanks

HoH's picture


can you send you me an invitation to


How long for confirmation email?

litemover's picture

Yeah whattup with the materials for this?


nice and usefull plug in. But still a problem with material modification Every dialog box are frozen...

Is there a way to fix that?


thanks a lot.




The same problem here. Have you solved it?



yes still impossible to change the color....

yes still impossible to change the color....

can you send the maps to my email? the approval process take too my,thank U very much!

Trying to register...can someone tell me what "CAP" is supposed to be?

HELP!, I've been waiting two weeks for the confirmation email to mixexperience...Highly doubt it's coming. Can someone send me the download link for Auxpecker 2.0. I'm desperately waiting to continue using the product now that I've upgraded to Rhino 5.

mixexperience's picture

give me your email I will send you an invitation

waiting too

man of mettle's picture

i also am awaiting confirmation. i thought auxpecker came with a material library...?

waiting for confirmation too :)

oorlyg's picture

@PhilipStankard, Ricardo takes his time to aprove, be pacient he will in less than a week i bet!

@oorlyg, Thank you for the response. It's an awesome tool...I was hooked on v.1 and now I've upgraded to Rhino 5 and need it asap!!!! It's definitely a part of my Industrial Design workflow.

how long does the approval process take? I've been waiting longer than 24 hours...

oorlyg's picture

It's very difficult to understand how to download the auspecker 2.0

I have to wait for mixexperience to aprove me and then i can download the new materials?


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