(by AMC Bridge LLC)
AMC Bridge announces an update of Unity@Rhino, a proof of concept add-in, that provides connection between Rhino3D® and Unity® gaming development plat
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Unity@Rhino™  is a proof of concept add-in connecting Rhino3D® and Unity® gaming development platform.

The plug-in supports export of 3D model geometry from Rhino to Unity enabling users to have first person 3D shooter game like experience while using Rhino created model as the 3D environment.

The main features include:

  • Export of 3D model geometry with materials and textures from Rhino to Unity@Rhino.
  • Manipulation of the resulting 3D model in a similar fashion to a 3D first-person shooter game.
  • Generation of a standalone executable package for viewing the exported Rhino model in a three-dimensional representation that requires neither Rhino, nor Unity installations.
  • Selection of objects for walking through (e.g. windows and doors).

Unity@Rhino is compatible with Rhino 5 for Windows.

The video below demonstrates the plug-in's basic functionalities.