SmartTags for Rhino
(by ranjeethmahankali)
Allows tagging of objects in a Rhino model for a better method of classification (than just putting them in layers)
Support Email

The layers built into Rhino only allow for linear classification of objects i.e. one object can only belong to one layer. This plugin allows you to assign tags to the model objects, which means that each object can have as many tags as needed. These tags can later be used to perform selections in any combination (using boolean operations of tagged sets).

For the purposes of organizing and filtering large models, this is a lot more powerful than using layers. Please watch the attached youtube video to learn how to use SmartTagsForRhino. This version only has a basic feature set, allowing for selection and filtering of objects. I will be adding more features based on the feedback and suggestions I receive.

Feel free to write to the provided support email about bugs and issues.