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The ShapeDiver plugin contains several components to help you set up your model before you upload it on ShapeDiver.
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ShapeDiver is an online platform that lets you upload and display your Grasshopper definitions in a web viewer, along with their parameters.

Once on ShapeDiver, anyone can play with your definition's parameters in a web browser, while your definition remains private and safe on our secure servers.

UPDATE 07/06/2017: Now you can also allow users to download CAD outputs from the viewer. See below how the feature works.

The ShapeDiver plugin provides several components to help you set up your model before you upload it on ShapeDiver.

Viewer Settings: A group of utilities to preview and export material settings to the ShapeDiver viewer.

  • ShapeDiverMaterial: a simplified version of the Custom Preview component that assigns one of four pre-defined materials (Basic, Plastic, Metal and Glass) and a single color to the output geometry. The materials are optimized for the online viewer.
  • ShapeDiverTextureMaterial: allows the use of textures in addition to the material presets. In order to use textures, specify as input the public URL of the image file you want to use.
  • ShapeDiverCustomMaterial: similar to the previous component, but replaces the material index by a Grasshopper material input. It allows more rendering flexibility, but be aware that transferring materials to the online viewer isn't quite seamless yet (in other words, what you see in the Rhino preview is not necessarily what you get on ShapeDiver).

Texture Utilities: A set of tools to facilitate the mapping of textures. We recommend to use the Human plugin for additional texturing tools.

  • ShapeDiverTextureTransform: Applies a transformation to the texture coordinates of an input mesh.
  • ShapeDiverBrepOrMeshSplit: Splits a Brep or a Mesh in separate planar and unplanar components. The planar outputs are grouped according to their orientation, in order to simplify texturing operations.

Export Utilities: A set of output components defining a geometry export interface in the viewer.

  • ShapeDiverExportDownload: Input a set of geometry, a format and a file name, and this component will create a Download button in the ShapeDiver viewer, allowing users to bake and export the chosen geometry resulting from any parameter set.
  • ShapeDiverExportEmail: Instead of making the exported geometry public, this component takes an email as input and creates a button in the ShapeDiver viewer, allowing users to bake and export the geometry to the specified (not publicly disclosed) email address.


  • The ShapeDiverTolerance component allows direct control over the tolerance settings and units used for meshing the definition outputs.
  • ShapeDiverTextInput: A parameter component which will create a text box in the ShapeDiver viewer, for users to specify a string parameter.

It is not necessary to download and use the ShapeDiver plugin before uploading models to ShapeDiver. It is only intended for assisting you in making the upload process seamless and pain free. If you think additional components would help make ShapeDiver a better experience, please let us know!