(by ShapeDiver)
The ShapeDiver plugin contains several components to help you set up your model before you upload it on ShapeDiver.
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ShapeDiver is an online platform that lets you upload and display your Grasshopper definitions in a web viewer, along with their parameters. Our motivation is to bring parametric modelling to the web, and to make it a smooth, convenient and exciting experience for both designers and viewers.

Once on ShapeDiver, anyone can play with your definition's parameters in a web browser, while your definition remains private and safe on our secure servers.

The ShapeDiver plugin provides several components to help you set up your model before you upload it on ShapeDivere:

  • The ShapeDiverMaterial component is a simplified version of the Custom Material component that assigns one of four pre-defined materials (Basic, Plastic, Metal and Glass) and a single color to the output geometry. The materials are optimized for the online viewer.
  • The ShapeDiverTextInput component is a custom parameter input that can be used in a definition for inputting text. This text will be treated as a parameter which can be changed by typing any custom text directly in the online viewer.
  • The ShapeDiverTolerance component allows direct control over the tolerance settings and units used for meshing the definition outputs.

It is not necessary to download and use the ShapeDiver plugin before uploading models to ShapeDiver. It is only intended for assisting you in making the upload process seamless and pain free.

If you think additional components would help make ShapeDiver a better experience, please let us know.