Salamander 3
(by Paul Jeffries)
Salamander 3 is a freeware plugin that enables the modelling and parametric generation of structural analysis and BIM models.
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Salamander (Structural Analysis Link And MANager for Data Entry & Retrieval) hosts structural nodes, elements, sections and so on within Rhino and allows them to be be created and modified like any other data type.  They can then be exported to several different FEA packages (Robot and GSA currently supported) for analysis.

- Draw structural beams, slabs etc. within Rhino, alongside the architectural geometry.
- Create and apply structural properties easily and quickly via the custom interface.
- Drive model generation parametrically via the linked suite of grasshopper components.
- Maintains a persistant link to parametrically-created geometry - automatically creating, deleting and updating as required.
- Export, Import and Update Autodesk Robot models.
- Export Oasys GSA models.

Salamander 3 is currently in 'open beta' and relatively early-on in it's development.  The current featureset is a small sample of what is planned for the fuller tool.  Follow @pnjeffries on Twitter for updates.

Latest Update: Version 0.3.0:
This release contains numerous improvements and bugfixes and implements node and element 'sets', which can be translated to Robot groups and GSA lists.  See the readme for a full changelog.