(by Dale Fugier)
The RhinoPolyhedra plug-in for Rhinoceros 5 for Windows allow you to create over 450 different polyhedral shapes.
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The RhinoPolyhedra plug-in for Rhinoceros 5 for Windows will allow you to create and visualize a variety of polyhedral shapes; over 450 different shapes.

RhinoPolyhedra supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Rhinoceros 5 for Windows.

RhinoPolyhedra requires Rhinoceros 5 Service Release 9 (SR9) or newer.

RhinoPolyhedra does NOT work with Rhinoceros for Mac.

The RhinoPolyhedra plug-in has three commands:

  • Polyhedron. Creates a variety of polyhedra.
  • PolarZonohedron. Creates a polar zonohedron.
  • SelPlanarSrf. Selects planar surfaces.

RhinoPolyhedra is free!


  • Download the plug-in.
  • Download is in Rhino Installer file (.RHI) form.
  • Double-click in the file to launch the Rhino Installer and install the plug-in.