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RhinoCFD adds the power of computational fluid dynamics to the CAD environment, allowing users of Rhino3d to undertake CFD investigation
Trial: Free Commercial: from $3000
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CHAM is pleased to announce its release of commerical and academic RhinoCFD. Contact rhinocfd@cham.co.uk for sales and more information.

RhinoCFD Lite - the free to use demonstration version of RhinoCFD is now available for download.

RhinoCFD is a general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software plugin, built directly into the Rhino environment. It allows users to investigate the interaction of their model with the surrounding fluid. This allows for rapid optimization and testing all without leaving the familiarity of the Rhino environment.

By downloading RhinoCFD, you agree to the terms and conditions of distributing and using CHAM's RhinoCFD Software. Terms and conditions can be downloaded below.


CFD can be used in any area where fluids may have an impact on a design and therefore its applications are numerous and is already used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Marine: design of hulls, sails, propellers
  • Architecture and building services: External/internal ventilation, HVAC, contaminant dispersion
  • Jewellery: Investment casting optimization
  • Aerospace: Aerodynamics, turbomachinery, heat management
  • Medical: Arterial flow, respiratory flow, effects of non-Newtonian fluids
  • Transportation: Drag reduction, combustion processes, emissions testing


With RhinoCFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics is now available for Rhino3d users without having to leave the Rhino environment. It also makes a complex subject matter accessible to many new users, reducing the learning curve necessary to perform the investigations.

RhinoCFD’s breadth of scope allows you to simulate complex phenomena such as multiple-phase and compressible flow, heat transfer both inside solids and between solids and fluids, radiation modelling and non-Newtonian flows.

Key Features

  • Serial and parallel processing options
  • Cartesian and Cylindrical Polar co-ordinate meshes
  • PARSOL cut-cell geometry detection simplifying the mesh generation process
  • PHOENICS structured sequential CFD solver
  • Numerous turbulence model options including RANS and LES
  • Radiation modelling
  • Relational Data input without re-compiling
  • Post-processing inbuilt in Rhino including iso-surfaces, surface contours and streamlines
  • In-program and online help 

Special purpose Varient of RhinoCFD - FLAIR

RhinoCFD can include a variant called FLAIR which is aimed particularly at architects and other built-environment engineers. It includes:

  • Pollutant hazards models for both internal and external flows
  • Comfort indices, draught ratings, dry and wet bulb calculations, humidity levels
  • Fire growth curves and smoke movement, density and visibility
  • Mean-age-of-Air and Air-Changes-per-Hour calculations
  • Various diffusor models
  • Vegetation drag and humidity models

Academic Licence​

We are currently offering students and academics a free 3 month Licence. To obtain this licence, you must register with us and provide proof of status and a valid host ID. Please contact us at rhinocfd@cham.co.uk for more information.


RhinoCFD tutorials are available on our website. We also offer a range of basics videos which are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of CFD.


If you require help with RhinoCFD, we will be happy to assist. However, many issues can be solved by reading our frequently asked questions.

To install:
The RhinoCFD Pre-processor and post processor can be installed by double clicking on the single Rhino installer file:

  • RhinoCFD: Linking Rhino objects to the CFD properties and running the solver;

The RhinoCFD solver (the same as in the commercial CFD Code PHOENICS) may require you to install MSMpi if you do already have version 6 or above:

  • MSMpi: Perquisite enabling the use of the RhinoCFD solver

If the toolbar icons are not immediately visible for some reason try right clicking in the toolbar region to present this menu and select "Show Toolbar->RhinoCFD"