(by illusionwing)
Pancake helps with file exchange and team cooperation, and also adds "meta" features to perfect the workflow.
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Pancake is an actively developing plugin that helps you gain more "meta" control of Grasshopper.

Pancake will update for multiple times every month. So it will notify you about a newer-released version.

Currently, it can prepare your file for exchange, track modifications and tweak Grasshopper for better workflow. Features include Hang Protection, File Exchange Preparation, Internalize All at Once, File Block Monitor, True-only Button, Merge Cluster Inputs, Export GH Geometry to Any Rhino Supported Format... For a complete list of features, please check the manual.

Here is a fully-rewritten manual of Pancake:

You need to restart Rhino after installation or upgrade to fully enable every feature. A "Pancake" menu will pop up after successful installation. If there are any questions, problems or inquiries, please leave a review or mail me. You can also ask if you need a feature and it is related to Pancake. Pancake is free to all users. Commercial use is also permitted.