NVIDIA Iray for Rhino
(by NVIDIA Iray for Rhino Plugin)
A plug-in rendering solution, with a 90-day trial, that helps designers to quickly produce physically based, photorealistic visualizations.
90-days trial then US$ 295
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The NVIDIA Iray for Rhino render plugin gives you continual, realistic feedback as you craft your model’s form, materials, and lighting. You can render directly in any viewport as you build and refine your model.

Iray’s physically based capability predicts the behavior of real-world materials and lights, giving you accurate results with minimum setup or specialized knowledge. It also supports the NVIDIA vMaterials Library—which includes hundreds of materials—as well as material exchange capabilities with other NVIDIA  Material Definition Language (MDL)-compatible applications.

Feature List

  • Progressive physically based, global illumination rendering
  • GPU and CPU rendering
  • Interactive viewport rendering
  • Adjustable viewport descaling during navigation
  • Physically based, layered material model
  • Image based lighting (IBL) allowing with several projection modes. Picking feature to place IBL dome accurately
  • Implicit ground plane to catch shadows and reflections
  • Sun and Sky lighting model
  • Using Rhino sun angle calculator for sun simulation
  • IES light support
  • Emissive geometry
  • Support of Rhino UV projections
  • Hardware resource management
  • Render Layers
  • Caustic Sampler
  • Tone mapping
  • Depth of field, picking feature for focus distance
  • Support for NVIDIA VCA and Iray Server streaming
  • Support for NVIDIA Queue Manager for VCA and Iray Server
  • Instancing support via blocks
  • Custom MDL library support
  • Volumetric Materials
  • Export and Import of MDL(Material Definition Language) materials (compatible with other Iray plugins like Iray for Maya and Iray for 3ds Max)