Mindesk VR
(by gabriele_333)
Website www.mindeskvr.com

Mindesk is the first interface in the world bridging Rhino 5.0 and Virtual Reality!
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Website  www.mindeskvr.com

[!] after downloading, apply to our ALPHA Project to get a free 30 days license

[!] we recommend to download the latest version: Mindesk 0.2.2 for HTC Vive, follow our install procedure

Mindesk is the first interface in the world bridging Rhino 5.0 and Virtual Reality! 

It is part of a wider project that will allow soon to create from scratch 3D CAD models in VR. Mindesk works with HTC Vive™, Oculus Rift™, and Oculus Touch™. It is recommended that your PC is VR-ready.

Get ready:

  • Download and install the latest .rhi package: Mindesk 0.2.2
  • Open Mindesk.rhi and follow the install wizard
  • Connect your HTC Vive™ or Oculus Rift™ and launch SteamVR/Oculus service
  • Launch Mindesk from the menu or type MindeskStartVR in the terminal
  • If you haven't set a valid License Key the plugin will stop, thus:
    - copy Mindesk product ID from Rhino command line (stretch down the command line if you can't find your product ID)
    - register your email and product ID on https://goo.gl/forms/iA2jW2AuYXgcIdDH2 to get a free 30 days License Key
    - type "MindeskOptions" on the command line
    - enter email and license key in the Option form
  • Specify the origin point of view
  • Wear your HMD and enjoy!


Known issues:

  • Mindesk disappears from the top menu when Rhino is rebooted. Type MindeskStartVR for starting Mindesk next time.
  • Hiding Mindesk viewports will cause a freeze. To solve bring viewport on top again,
  • You may experience unexpected crashes.


Your opinion matters.  Please tell us what do you think, at hello@mindeskvr.com or visit our Facebook Page

- Mindesk team -