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Flux seamlessly sends your Grasshopper geometry to Revit, Excel, SketchUp, Dynamo, AutoCAD, 3dsMax, Google Sheets and back!
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Welcome to the Flux plugin for Rhino (and Grasshopper)!

Use Flux.io to connect your design tools. Seamlessly send data (and not files!) from Rhino or Grasshopper to Revit, SketchUp, Dynamo, Excel, Google Sheets, AutoCAD and 3dsMax - and back! 'Data' includes breps, mesh, nurbs geometry, polylines, lists and more. Flux.io is a cloud based app platform allowing for real-time multi-user data exchange and collaboration workflows. 

Additional features include: 3D web viewer, geometry sharing via public URL, automatic unit conversion between models, dynamic BREP format translation between applications as well as fully authenticated and tracked user collaboration anywhere.

Develop your own webs apps and links with our JavaScript and C# SDK's https://flux.io/developer

From San Francisco with love

The Flux Team