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Bake geometry, annotations and blocks with user defined attributes and or Rhino attributes. Reference and filter all Rhino objects into GH.
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The Elefront plug-in is all about managing model data and interaction with Rhino Objects. Elefront allows users to bake geometry to the Rhino model with the option of specifying attributes, including an unlimited amount of user defined attributes by means of key-value pairs. This way it is possible to treat a 3d Rhino model as a data base, where each object "knows" what it is, what it belongs to, which other object it relates to and in what way, what its size is, when it needs to be fabricated etc. Instead of trying to store geometry in a database, Elefront stores data in an "Geometrybase", hereby turning your Rhino model into a "Building Information Model" or BIM, for short. This data can be used for analysis, but also for referencing objects back into Grasshopper, based on one or more filters defined by key-value pairs that were defined upon baking, or that were added to the geometry with the "modify Rhino attributes" component. Storing all data inside Rhino geometry, will enable you to split up your Grasshopper process into manageable portions that multiple users can now use as input for further Grasshopper development. The main components in the suite are:

  • Bake with attributes
  • Reference by user text
  • Reference by attributes
  • Filter (by) attributes
  • Get attributes
  • Modify attributes

Full roundup of attribute related components is listed below           

New in this release is the ability to extract a full set of attributes from an object and process and modify these attributes in parallel to the objects. "The filter (by) User Attribute" component is now able to filter these attributes and filter Grasshopper objects in parallel.

All tools are designed to work with worksession files. A typical workflow would be:

  1. Have all your input geometry brought in by means of one or multiple worksession files.
  2. Reference the geometry in Grasshopper based on filters. A data tree will be created with one branch for each property.
  3. Process the geometry in Grasshopper and bake the new geometry in your clean and empty model.

On top of that EleFront includes as suite of components that allow for baking annotation objects to Rhino. These include:

  • Angular Dimensions
  • Hatches
  • Leaders
  • Linear Dimensions
  • Text
  • Text dots

All of which can be baked with all attributes mentioned before. Drawing generation for huge projects is now a breeze. With Elefront it is possible to create thousands of drawings within a single session.


  • Define block
  • Deconstruct block
  • Define linked block
  • Import linked block
  • Insert block

The "Data Description" parameter will hugely help you organize your definitions, by allowing you to set a description which will automatically be updated downstream if you modify the description.

Right-click this component and type "L" (for Link) to propagate it across your canvas.

We have tested this project, but it might contain still bugs. Please use it "as is", it does not come with warranties. Nor will Front Inc. be liable for any of the consenquences of the usage of this add-on. We spent a lot of time developing the logic and implementing it, please give credit where credit is due. 

To install:

  • Drag the gha file from your download folder straight onto the canvas. The Elefront tab should now appear in your Grasshopper interface.

This plugin was made possible by Front New York and Front Asia HK Ltd.  (http://www.frontinc.com) and developed by Ramon van der Heijden and Alan Tai.