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Volumetric Modeling components for Grasshopper.
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Axolotl provides a small but growing set of volumetric modeling components for Rhino Grasshopper. They come as GH user objects and most of them are Python scripts.

Keywords: signed distance fields (SDF), voxel space, function representation (FRep), constructive solid geometry (CSG), implicit surface


  • Download and unpack the zip-Archive
  • Copy the content of the folder UserObjects (*.ghuser files) into the corresponding special folder of your Grasshopper installation (Grasshopper: File > Special Folders > User Object Folder)
  • You should then see a new tab "Axolotl" appear in the GH toolbar, containing the Axolotl components
  • The zip-Archive contains a second folder with some example definitions


There are some example definitions in a folder in the zip-Archive and additional description in the readme and on the Github repo.

NEW: No dependency on 3rd party plugins (Millipede) anymore. Axolotl now has its own isosurface (marching cubes) component.


More about the research on volumetric modeling can be found here:

The most recent version of the components can be found here:


The idea is that this becomes a proper GH plugin one day. Some of the components might get rewritten in C# for performance improvement.


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