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Export Grasshopper geometry to the Spectacles BIM web viewer

Mon, 2015-11-09 14:44

Spectacles is a hackable BIM viewer for the web. This plug-in allows Grasshopper users to export Grasshopper geometry in a .json file format that the Spectacles Web Viewer can load.  (Currently meshes and lines are supported.) In other words, this plug-in lets you export meshed Grasshopper geometry to the web browser.

Spectacles is a research project enabled by Thornton Tomasetti's ongoing commitment to innovation and research in the AEC community.  It is an open source project licensed under the MIT license.
Download Spectacles from food4Rhino
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How to do ArchViz the nightnurse way

Mon, 2015-11-09 12:20

Architectural Visualization Showreel 2015 from nightnurse images on Vimeo.

This week’s special guest on the Maxwell Render blog is the Swiss ArchViz studio nightnurse images. Earlier this year we featured them in our ArchViz Reel and for good reason: Their renderings are amazing, and they have been using Maxwell for eight years now -- since good old V1, together with Rhino and Bongo. We are sure you will enjoy their insight into the world of architectural visualization, as well as their brand new reel.
To the case study...
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icreatia at We'15 Make Barcelona

Mon, 2015-11-09 12:10
icreatia will hold a Rhino Modeling and 3D Printing workshop at the FabCafe BCN as part of the We'15 Make Barcelona event, on the 14th November 2015.

Details and registration (in Spanish)...
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EasyJewels3D, a New Plug-in for jewelry design

Fri, 2015-11-06 14:07

EasyJewels3D offers a wide range of tools to optimize jewelry design with a focus on taking the most out of construction history in Rhino 5.
Modifying a surface without having to reset the gems, along with many other specifically oriented tools make it possible to dramatically reduce the time to complete a project, both during concept design and model definition.
Learn more about EasyJewels 3D by watching these videos.

Download eval on food4Rhino
More information...Blog (Italian only)...
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Advanced 3D printing tools

Fri, 2015-11-06 00:07

Rhino3DPRINT 2016, a Rhino plug-in, offers tools for preparing point clouds and meshes, that otherwise cannot be 3D printed. With the seamless combination of Rhino’s powerful modeling and extensive file import functionality with Rhino3DPRINT’s data preparation tools, you can 3D print models from almost any input source and any major 3D format.

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Rhinoceros & Grasshopper Training in Barcelona by Fundació CIM

Thu, 2015-11-05 13:03

Rhino & Grasshopper Training
Barcelona, Spain
Nov 19-Dec 18

Fundació CIM is an entity attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC). UPC's institutional mission is to transfer knowledge of engineering and technology management to companies and professionals seeking to expand the possibilities of the industry in their territory through the creation, improvement, and promotion of its products and manufacturing processes.

Check out their upcoming Rhino & Grasshopper training!

Details and registration (in Spanish)...
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Workshop in Barcelona: Symbiotic Associations

Wed, 2015-11-04 20:58

Symbiotic Associations
18-20 March 2016

During this workshop, study algorithms based on recursive systems associated with organic and digital manufacturing. We will translate the digital structures into physical prototypes fabricated through additive manufacturing techniques using biodegradable materials such as clay and wooden PLA. The structures will be enriched with Mycelium, which transforms them into hybrid living systems.

This workshop is by Noumena at Green Fab Lab, Barcelona. Noumena is  a collective group focused on design, research, and education based in Italy and Spain.

More information ....

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Webinar: Arena4D for Rhino

Wed, 2015-11-04 13:10

Webinar: Arena4D for Rhino
Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 11:00 (UK time)

Simply Rhino, together with Veesus, the developers of Arena4D, will present a 30-minute webinar in which Mark Estcourt from Veesus Ltd. will introduce the latest exploitation functionality for the Arena4D for Rhino plug-in. Arena4D allows the rapid and smooth rendering of massive point clouds natively in Rhino 5. Arena4D also provides some useful and unique exploitation features, designed and implemented by listening to feedback from the user. Reverse engineering from point cloud data is now more simple by the introduction of this tool, which removes the burden of manipulating large point clouds, and lets the user simply use the data. 

Details and registration...
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Volvox - Point Cloud data in Grasshopper

Wed, 2015-11-04 09:53

Volvox lets you create, edit, and analyze Point Cloud data.

The plug-in is developed in the frame of the DURAARK project.

DURAARK (Durable Architectural Knowledge) is a collaborative project developing methods and tools for the semantic enrichment and long-term preservation of architectural knowledge and data. It focuses on establishing working practices and links between semantically rich BIM models and unstructured Point Cloud data.

Download Volvox from food4Rhino
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Formations Workshops Fall 2015, San Francisco

Tue, 2015-11-03 20:35

Formations Workshops - Fall 2015November 14-15, 2015San Francisco, CA
The CCA Digital Craft Lab will be hosting a total of six one-day workshops in a variety of design media platforms on the weekend of November 14-15. The workshops are open to all students and professionals. Each workshop is a one-day session which enables attendees to take up to two workshops.

Saturday, November 14, 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Prototyping Robotic Architectural Assemblies Workshop (Arduino, Grasshopper and Firefly) with Jason Kelly Johnson
  • Introduction to Grasshopper with Andrei Hakhovich
  • Introduction to Dynamo with Colin McCrone

Sunday, November 15, 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Data Spatialization & Parametric Drawing in Grasshopper with Adam Marcus
  • Building Facade Design in Grasshopper with Andrei Hakhovich
  • Augmented Reality with Jason Anderson

Details and registration...
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Bengesht - New Grasshopper Assembly

Mon, 2015-11-02 13:40
TouchX from Behrooz Tahanzadeh on Vimeo
Bengest is a set of components and algorithms for Grasshopper, developed and shared by Behrooz Tahanzadeh.

Download from food4Rhino...
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11th RhinoDay Italia

Mon, 2015-11-02 11:19

11º RhinoDay ItaliaUniversità degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale
Laboratorio di Disegno e Metodi dell'Ingegneria Industriale
13-14 Novembre 2015, Padova

We are pleased to announce the 11th edition of the Italian Rhino User Meeting in Padova.
Complete details and registration (in Italian)...
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Advanced Master Program in Computational Design & Making in Paris

Mon, 2015-11-02 09:51

Advanced Master Program in Computational Design & Making aims to provide students with a cross-disciplinary culture of computational design, from parametric conception to extensive knowledge of the impact of digital design and making tools on artistic professions, design, urban planning, architecture and engineering. The training is designed as an augmented experience including courses, prototyping workshops, conferences, maker-spaces visits and networking events. The courses and conferences will take place in multiple locations in Paris, making this training a true opportunity to discover innovative places.
Learn more and apply at mastere-cdm.enpc.fr
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Power2Play - Power to build a Seahawks guitar for Paul Allen

Fri, 2015-10-30 23:10

Once again, Sherwood and Kelso High Schools are advancing education with their fab labs. (Just search in this blog for Sherwood and you'll see several posts.)

The two schools have collaborated with the Power2Work foundation to build a custom electric guitar and case. Commissioned for Paul Allen and the Seattle Seahawks 12s, it is one of the first guitars designed and manufactured through its program.

Projects are multi-school collaborations, where students experience a professional work environment. By engaging high school shop teachers and other partners, they've outfitted over 30 high schools throughout Oregon, Washington, and Alaska with digital fab labs. With the Power2Work's goal to teach meaningful skills, kids learn to build everything from guitars to houses.

A few fun facts about the Seahawks guitar:
  • The guitar case was manufactured out of old Sherwood High School bleachers. 
  • The pickups are Normandy Extreme Shielding Twangshifter.
  • The guitar is three kinds of wood: alder, black walnut, and maple.
  • The custom body artwork was donated by Shelby Tiffany.
Article in GeekWire ....
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Thu, 2015-10-29 12:25

MetaTools is a collection of simple tools for practical problems and issues in the architectural design process.

Download from food4Rhino...
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speckle.xyz - Share Grasshopper 3D models online

Thu, 2015-10-29 12:17
Speckle lets you quickly share Grasshopper 3D models online with just one double click.Developed by D/A/S, while working at The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, within the InnoChain project.Download from food4Rhino...
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3D Europa sculpture by Leonel Moura

Thu, 2015-10-29 10:51

This very large 3D printed sculpture was created by Portuguese artist Leonel Moura. Moura, an artist with a history of combining art, robotics, AI, and 3D printing, shows work around the world from Brazil to China. In the U.S. he has a piece in the permanent collection of the American Museum of Natural History.

The 5-meter tall woman figure stands arms stretched wide like most 3D models, with a firm gaze fixed on the horizon in front of her. Made up of 300 multi-colored 3D printed blocks and fittings, she resembles a high-tech harlequin.

Moura created the pieces out of PLA plastic using eight permanent 3D printers in his studio. The creation of the piece, titled “3D Europa”, took six months to develop. It included collaborations of many people, plus a few companies like Beeverycreative, 3DFactory, and Wurth that sponsored and provided for several fixing materials.

The model was done in Rhinoceros.

The sculpture was presented at the ICT 2015 conference organized by the European Commission in cooperation with the Town hall of Lisbon.

It is no surprise that Moura has turned his attention to 3D printing as he has been fascinated with the non-human components of artistic creation. Tapping into this “artificial creativity”, as he terms it, means acknowledging that there is more to art than intention. After all, several art movements, since surrealism, tried to achieve an art without conscience or intention. Moving from this complete intentionality, Moura works to integrate and create ideas and processes beyond his control in conjunction with the machine. He explained in his manifesto:

“I discard the relevance of the lack of intentionality and consciousness in robots. It is well known that in modern art history there are many examples of art movements and artists that aimed to achieve precisely those goals. Actually modern art is rooted on the exploration beyond common sense reasoning towards the fields of subjectivity, experimentalism, randomness and more recently chaotic determinism and emergence. Machines can in fact ‘do their own things’ since, once the process is triggered, the result is not only independent from the human that originates it as it is unpredictable. This means that the product of ‘artificial creativity’ is human at the start but nonhuman at the end.”


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Online Level 2 Rhino for Windows begins November 2

Mon, 2015-10-26 23:28

Image credit: Kyle Houchens, The Outside
Our Level 2 Rhino 5 for Windows online course begins November 2nd. Kyle Houchens will be the instructor for this course. Kyle is a very talented industrial designer, skilled instructor, an Authorized Rhino Trainer, the owner of The Outside Digital Design, and a McNeel technician.

Sign up today!

  • Orientation: Monday, November 2, 9:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Training: Tuesday-Thursday, November 3-5 and November 10-12, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Note: All times listed are Pacific time zone. Calculate your time zone.
All sessions are instructor-led and will be recorded for later viewing. If you cannot make a session, watch the video and catch up before the class meets again.

For a sample of Kyle's online Level 2 training, watch this video. Password: Test

Register here...
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Workshop in Barcelona: Nero | Mapping

Mon, 2015-10-26 16:42

Nero | Mapping
5-7 February 2016

Structured in multiple phases, this workshop offers firsthand experience with aerial robotics, data mapping, and data visualizations. The workshop aims to create a theoretical and experimental framework based on open-source tools. It focuses on extracting data from the air to better understand environmental conditions.

This Noumena workshop is at Green Fab Lab in Barcelona. Noumena is  a collective group focused on design, research, and education based in Italy and Spain.

More information ....

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11th RhinoDay Italy

Mon, 2015-10-26 14:51

11th RhinoDay Italy
Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale
November 13-14, 2015

The 11th Italian User Meeting, organized by Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale and sponsored by ZEN's srl, has been announced. Registrations are now open.

Apart from the users' live presentations, Giulio Piacentino and Giuseppe Massoni (McNeel) will show the latest news on PythonGrasshopper, and Rhino, and other things.

Details and registration (in Italian)...
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